Angry viewers claim 'The Chase' is rigged following dramatic finale

the beast
"The Beast" was visibly shaken as he took on the team in the finals.

UK viewers of game show, The Chase have been left angered by the result of a “nail-biting” finale as “The Beast” Mark Labbett quickly crushed the dreams of contestants in the last round. Many fans have turned against the show claiming that it was rigged and saying the show should be “scrapped” according to an article in the Express.

Many Australians are familiar with Mark Labbett as he often makes his appearance as the infamous “Beast” on the Aussie version of the show; he is known to be one of the toughest chasers to beat.

ITV, the channel that is home to the UK Chase has come under scrutiny in recent months with accusations of rigging the results and using its format to cheat players out of winnings. Even the shows animated host and comedian, Bradley Walsh could not protect the show from a fierce backlash.

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The finale kept viewers on the edge of their seats when PhD student James, 26, Logistics coordinator Robyn, 40, and retired civil servant Martin, 49, were on the brink of winning the £60,000 (A$103,316) prize fund they accumulated. In the last round, the three-strong team managed to bank 18 correct answers.

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The Beast was “visibly shaken” according to the Express. He even exclaimed on the show that he had an “emergency cupcake” backstage to prepare. The contestants had done really well in early rounds so it was a shock that they only banked up 18 answers after a round of hard questions.

The Beast got the better of the hopeful team with one of his best runs in the show’s history. It was all over very quickly and people were not happy. They quickly took to social media to share their displeasure.

One use on twitter exclaimed “Biggest fix on television #TheChase.”

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“This show is a joke now. Scrap it ITV #TheChase #FixedForTheChaser.” another viewer said.

One person even said, “I think the chasers go and get answers backstage and get a few wrong to look legitimate #thechase.”

The Chase is a favourite among Australians and as of yet there have been no claims that the show is rigged. The format of both shows are very similar with many of the UK chasers making an appearance on Aussie version. Like classic shows including Burgo’s Catchphrase and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? the show is immensely popular.

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Mark Labbett (The Beast), 51, has hit back at claims the show is rigged in a statement to the Express

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“I understand [why they think so] because it comes down to one single thing: people don’t believe we’re that good.” he said.

“I understand… they care about the result. We care about the result. But I can guarantee you one thing, we are always trying our utter damnedest to win.”

Labbett revealed to fans last year that he has been battling type 2 diabetes.

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Do you watch the Aussie version of the show? Do you think it could be rigged?