Must-have portable gadgets & space saving essentials for your caravan

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Seasoned travellers know all too well that space is a precious commodity when you’re exploring the open road in a caravan.

Nothing can spoil the joy of being surrounded by nature like returning to a cramped living space, struggling to locate essential items, and compromising your comfort.

Regardless of whether you’re a full-time grey nomad or embarking on your first road trip, there are some must-have gadgets and space-saving essentials that can significantly impact and simplify your van life experience.

But whether you’re a full-time grey nomad or a first-time road tripper, there are certain must-have gadgets and space-saving essentials that can make a world of difference in your van life experience.

These practical tools can help you optimise your living space and streamline your daily routine, allowing you to fully enjoy your adventure on the road.


Just because you’re exploring the world on wheels doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the little luxuries that bring you happiness, such as freshly brewed coffee.

Thanks to modern road-tripping gadgets, you can indulge in your favourite coffee pods and say goodbye to instant coffee with a portable pod espresso machine.

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These portable coffee makers are small enough to be held in one hand, making them easily stored, and as an added bonus, you can even find ones that don’t require batteries. Options are varied and start from as little as $49.89. Look for a high star rating from other shoppers and consider whether you would like the machine to handle both capsules and ground coffee.

We recommend the CERA+ Portable Electric Espresso Machine with Self-heating in 3-4 minutes. With a rechargeable battery and compatibility with both NS capsules and ground coffee, this hand-held machine is lightweight and portable. With the protective carry bag for storage whilst on the go, this stylish option will also make the perfect gift for people in your life who love caravanning, camping or hiking. From $159.98.

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While electronic devices like phones, laptops, cameras and speakers make our lives more convenient and keep us connected, they can also be a hassle to keep charged.

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Having to deal with multiple cords can be a major headache, especially when you’re on the go or travelling in a caravan. Not only do they take up valuable space, but you also have to keep track of which cord goes with which device. Not only do these multi-charging cables simplify your charging setup by allowing you to charge your smartphone, tablet, and Bluetooth earbuds all at once but they also save you space and reduce clutter.

There are a variety of choices at a range of prices, so be sure to check for the right type of connections. With pricing starting from just $8.99 per cable, we recommend buying one for home and one for the caravan!


When it comes to living in a caravan, having sufficient bench space is crucial for meal preparation, cleaning, and laundry. With ample bench space, even small living areas can feel more spacious and comfortable. You’ll have more room to move around, making it easier to complete daily tasks and chores.

To maximize every inch of available space and keep your living areas neat and tidy, collapsible items are an excellent solution.

You can even get collapsible dish drying racks which are easily moved outside for a faster drying time.

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Collapsible sinks are another perfect example, as they can be easily stored away when not in use and can even double as storage for items like dirty laundry.  Be sure to look for one with a plug for easy draining and note you can get various sizes.

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And don’t forget the travelling pets!  Whether you are on the road for a long trip or taking the dog out for the day, you can save space on feeding dishes with a collapsible dog bowl. Look for options with a D-clip to make storage and carrying the bowl even easier – you can clip it to your belt or the dog leash to go hands-free! With multiple colours on offer, you can find one to suit your pooch!

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Washing Machine

When you’re on a long road trip in your caravan, keeping your clothes clean and fresh can become a challenge. While some campsites may have laundry facilities, it can be expensive to use them regularly, especially if you’re traveling for an extended period.

Even if laundry facilities are available, they may not be conveniently located or clean and the wait time to use them can be long.

Fortunately, there is a range of portable washing machines that are perfect for caravanning. These compact and lightweight machines are designed specifically for use on the road and can be easily stored in your caravan when not in use.

Portable washing machines are not only convenient but also highly efficient, using less water than traditional machines, making them suitable for use in areas with limited water supply. Some are even collapsible! Our favourite is the Portable Mini Washing Machine, Foldable Washing Machine Clothes Washer Machine with Drain Basket and Extension Drain Hose.  This light and compact machine has a capacity of 9 litres and a simple operation. From just $179.90, is perfect for washing your ‘smalls’ whilst caravanning at just 30cm x 30cm x 10 cm.

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Not only will you save money on laundry costs, but your clothes will be clean and fresh, no matter where your travels take you.


Finding a suitable spot to hang a makeshift clothesline while caravanning can be a frustrating experience, especially when there are limited options available.

A practical solution to this problem is to invest in a collapsible clothesline. These are often lightweight, compact, and easy to set up, making them a convenient option for caravan travellers. The clothes drying rack can be folded. Folding size: 11.5 cmx11.5 cmx101 cm. Extended size: 126cmx52cm-75cm (tripod) x101cm-151cm (adjustable height). Weight: 2.2kg.

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With this simple addition to your caravan setup, you can enjoy fresh, clean clothes without having to rely on shared communal laundry facilities.

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