Vision board for boomers

Nov 26, 2023
Creating a vision board is a good idea for retirees to set goals, fulfil dreams and plan some realistic actions. Source: Getty Images.

While I am contemplating turning into a sparkling seventy next year, I am preparing a real or visualised vision board for my personal wellbeing. Realistically, we boomers might say that all bets are off for the next stage of our ageing. To misquote a famous David Bowie song, “Health and mobility shall get us in our golden years!” Too true, too true…

Back to the vision board. This is a good idea if anyone is retired, or planning retirement. We can all dream big, set goals, and plan some realistic actions. We can add some images, words of self-encouragement, and maybe share with a gal pal, or a dude in a boy’s club, or a significant other.

Firstly, for personal wellbeing, boomers can plan to self-manage as long as we can. This means setting goals to do chores and gardening, giving thought to income levels, and adapting spending. Financial goals are important. I set a realistic goal for my personal dream to continue tutoring English online to secondary or adult students. This adds a little to my income, much appreciated.

This year, I found the senior secondary students to be focused, nothing wrong with their work ethic. Together, we smashed their goals to improve their results. They can be regarded as the Nike generation, thinking about good Christmas gifts, and an Adidas sports bag, with expensive joggers. They have marched on to their future ahead. Success stories, on with the new crop.

Their goals are my goals. We all have a big dream, for peace and inclusion for Australia, and for the world. Less marginalisation, less bigotry and prejudice. “And all that, what the teacher said,” said one of my scholars. What are any boomer’s personal dreams on their vision board? Add an image, a positive quote, a wellbeing lifehack. Some might plan to travel, so can add an image of some destination, where they might have a trip by plane or cruise ship, floating off to enjoy. Some might plan a vision of pottering around the garden, enjoying the delights of flowers, a gift. Some might enjoy all those golden years of kid wrangling with their grandchildren, the silver lining of their family tree.

Yes, health and mobility shall get us all, so enjoy the jive, making a happy spot. I have started to do an online class in senior chair yoga. I am surprised that I am still a bit flexible. It is great to see good things in other people, and in situations. We need to turn the page from the past, focus on giving thanks for our privileges, and focus on realistic goal setting. At some stage, we silver sparklies also need to be slow, pace ourselves, relax, and rest as well. We all hope for clear sailing ahead.

One of my goals for my sparkly seventies’ vision ahead is to continue doing volunteer craft, making woollens and toys for the needy in my city. My charity this year has donated a staggering 110.000 hand-made items to the underprivileged. Great effort in knitting and crocheting. We ladies are turning our kind thoughts to stocking up the craft stash for next year’s donations.

My personal vision board is also to continue with my gal pal friendships, and maybe meet some new craft ladies, or writers. I hope to keep writing and reading as long as I can. If my eyesight becomes an issue, I shall obtain talking books, all practical and achievable. I do not plan to travel too far from my regular destinations. This fat body is not a gypsy, but individual choices are our preference. So, that is my vision board: wellbeing, maintain health and mobility in practical ways, keep tutoring as long as I can, maintain my friendships with the gal pals, and hoping the finances hold up..

As Olivia Newton-John might have said, “Let’s get into positive.”

What is your vision board ahead? Here is a positive thought for us all, “Old stuff, you have got this!”

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