‘Transition to retirement: A poem by an over-60 reflecting on your past and future’

Jul 11, 2021
Peter sent us this poem in response to a discussion about the difficulties some men face when it comes time to retire. Source: Stock Photo/Getty Images

While many women feel good about retiring and retirement, statistics show that the same cannot be said for many men. For some, it is the uncertainty of retirement; working life had measurable benchmarks for success, retirement does not. Others are anxious about the transition that unfolds over many years as you move from the life you knew to the one you’ll get to know. It begged the question: Do men really struggle when it’s time to retire? 

This beautiful poem by Starts at 60 community blogger, Peter Jones, came in response to the discussion.


From an early age we’re attuned to the importance
of employment delivering recognition and acceptance
An act on the stage of life securing our future
Independent, secure, a valued contributor.

Carrot on the stick of meaningful employment
That utopian place known as retirement
Something to which we aspire driving us forward
Something to dream of, the mind set unaltered.

For many the transition from work to retirement
Carried off seamlessly without disappointment
Singularly led lives collide blending into one
A time of significant adjustment for everyone.

Unexpected pressures faced everyday
The next phase in life is underway
A testing time for some husbands and wives
New challenges to face, restructuring of lives.

Invasion on established habits and routines
Considering what having them around really means
Sharing of time that once was their own
Shadowed by feelings of again wanting to be alone.

But then maybe it’s not all that bad
Together there are adventures to be had
Things to do, new places to be seen
Rekindling feelings interrupted by years in between.

Did you struggle when your retirement came? What was it that you found most challenging?

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