Sex-assist robots: The new ‘Stepford Wives’

Jan 01, 2023
This blogger heard about the latest sex-assist technology and ponders where this invention will take us. Source: Getty

When you were younger, did you watch a movie called The Stepford Wives? It was some male fantasy, about perfect little women. Well, hello there.

One day recently, I was indulging in my environment of passive, quiet hobbies. I was reading a science book from the library about the future of science. In this book, I read about today, the roaring twenties, the Irish robotic industry produced a series of advanced interactive sex assist robots. They appeared to be humanoids, the latest designs, with up-to-the-minute materials with suitable embellishments and interactions.

Oh no! The Stepfords have arrived. They shall never menstruate or demand babies, and their tushies will never grow old. Males around the world are thrilled. Maybe their wives are too. I am wondering if there is equity in this innovation in scientific endeavour. Are the robot factories going to roll off some male sex-assist robots? We can call them ‘The Viriles!’.

Too fun, especially for boomer babes. At our age, we do not sweat the small stuff, not looking to make mountains from molehills that do not exist. Maybe we would be better off going to bed early and getting a good night’s sleep.

Overall, as the Stepford wives arrive, I do wonder what this says about the Irish men who invented the sex assist robots. They really felt some need. This is the future right now. No one can tell where this will take humanity.

Maybe in the future, humans will only mate with robots. No one will reproduce with other humans. This would really limit the current overpopulation of our globe. At our age, not our circus. Humanity needs to reduce all the babies being born to the eight billion people on planet Earth today. They will all require food, housing, and income. Otherwise, they shall experience malnutrition.

Eight billion humans will soon enough become nine billion people. This is an issue of its effect on our environment and climate change. Ongoing, this is a concern for our younger generations, as the human race keeps extrapolating.

So, males of any age, you are buying your new woman, the sex assist robot. While you are on a roll, you can already purchase a housework assist robot. It looks like an inflated Frisbee. It even vacuums under the couch, where all human women fear to tread. What goes under the couch, stays under the couch.

Then maybe our noble Irish robot designers will create a rubbish assist robot. It will be so good at doing the bins. Then there’s always the dream of red-blooded males, the chef-assist robot. He/she can capably answer that often deal-breaker question, “What’s for tea?”.

The chef-assist robot can source homemade apple pies, like the good ole days. I must say, when my mother discovered the early supermarkets, she stopped making pies and bought frozen ones. Maybe she was never a true Stepford wife (definitely not, is anyone?).

The robotic programs will keep changing. It is all our progress, invented by humans. Who can tell where these designs are leading our human race? Robots might take over all our tasks. I can sit here and try to imagine a post-capitalist world. Our human rat race might totally stall, and our humanity will never be the same again.

This is science today, right now. It is no longer science fiction. I wonder if anyone can predict where robotics will lead us. Who can tell?

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