Rules are rules!

Jul 07, 2024
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Rules are rules, or can we seniors make our own? These senior years are not static, our ageing flows as our needs and health can change. While I was considering this today, I invented some rules. Aim to smile and be kind, smiling is a gift for the gifting. Try to avoid dumb arguments, with some co-residents, take ten deep breaths, and smile, de-escalate a situation. Such are rules, at our age peace is paramount.

Another rule is to enjoy our life, appreciating the little pleasures. For baby boomers, it is never too late for lots of things. We can all spread as much senior fun as we can, whatever we wish we could be doing. Make your own bucket list, ensuring it is basically sensible, realistic and practical.

Seniors in our fun times can establish positive goals. If you are retired, and wish to earn some income, or engage your brain, you can start your own business, selling goods or services online or in person. As our own bosses, we can make our own rules, sometimes working quite hard, but factor in days off for resting easy. If anyone has a home office, one vital rule is to learn to switch off at certain hour, and change the subject.

Some of us have retired, then say,” What’s next?” Learning to be flexible is important. Seniors can and do enjoy their holidays. At the moment, several of my friends are overseas or interstate, but I rest easy, having a happy holiday at home, for a mid-year break from online tutoring. Very relaxing. Home offices create much clutter, so part of each holiday is spent decluttering. That job is done, now to rest easy, refresh my energy for, “What’s next?” Due to our rising cost of living, financial concerns are now affecting many seniors. If possible, we can still find ways for earning some extras. Or fill the gaps in other ways. Some friends grow their own vegetables or fruits, harvesting good old-fashioned vegetable patches, just like our fathers did. As each season flows round, they strip their gardens, swap with friends, pickle, preserve, jam, and share.

Rules at our age emphasise seniors making their own fun. No dumb arguments there. If folk are feeling creative, they can write a book. For example, seniors can write a family history, or an autobiography, capture their reminiscences of our long gone past, sharing each nuanced understanding of seniors.

Others find their pleasures dabbling in art, or handcrafts, they are very talented. Anyone of a senior age can become a mentor, even in their own families, sharing wisdom and learning with the next generations, just by being there. Rules are rules, we did not invent the rules of society, anyone can do their bit. Some might work or create for non-profit, supporting the needy, joining in good causes.

Volunteers for such charities do gain a free kick, our gifts are for gifting. The seniors we now are can still make a difference to the world ahead, flowing on around us. Others are renovating or downsizing. I know a couple of senior gal pals who turned their four-bedroom homes into two smaller units, where their adult offspring reside with the rug rats. Grandma and Grandpa are the babysitters and primary care providers. The young adults are saving for their home deposit. When they achieve that, my friends still own both units, and have a retirement income ongoing.

The senior brigade can adapt their plans, as the years flow by. We can choose a focus, or more than one, keeping up with friends and hobbies, old and new. Seniors can think about our future, we can all wonder, hope and dream, re-evaluating as necessary. It is never too late, to master something new, or, “What’s next?” Now is the hour to be our own boss, and make our own rules!

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