How I’m choosing positivity and embracing life as I grow older

Jul 18, 2023
If you can, spoil yourself. There is a full cup of positivi-tea with your name on it. Source: Getty

While I was browsing social media, I received some sad news. A younger acquaintance has passed away, not even sixty years old. No one knows why a giant of a man did not wake up on Monday morning. 

Some people are trailblazers, following their star. This male nurse in particular always taught us that life was about being your best person. His motto shall forever be to have one last song and dance routine. So that will be his send-off, like a mournful celebration of the cabaret. 

Yes, life is too short for negativity. That is a good motto, especially as we are ageing. We are all fed a lot of spam some days. All bad news with gloom and doom. We can all grow and develop through this with inner calm. 

How are you going to wake up this morning? It is a good idea to say to yourself, “Today is a feel-good day!” That is, until our knees ache, and our backs start creaking Smiles on dials, life is for the living. Have a great day ahead.  We can all say to ourselves, “Old Stuff have got this!” On with the show.

If you can, spoil yourself. There is a full cup of positivi-tea with your name on it. It does not matter much about yesteryears. We are all humans with feet of clay. Whatever we want to do in our silver years is okay. Travel, follow sports, grandchildren, friends, learning, old hobbies, new skills, relaxing, community focus, gardening. In short, anything we can enjoy. 

We can all acknowledge our survival, and treasure happy memories. These are our days in the society of accepting all our diversity in an inclusive way. Let’s face it, we were all brought up in a politically incorrect way.

Personally, I am one of a generation of older teachers and educators who taught God’s little sunbeams to sing Rolf Harris songs. His music is now banned totally from Australian classrooms. What was hell? School concerts! But the students’ musical offerings were effective. I used to wonder where the nuns were, silly question. They were in the Reflection Room smoking my packet of Marlboro cigarettes. Yes, we were all groomed by the Marlboro Man. 

Lots of laughs for our survivor baggage. After all, life is too short for negativity, as my late nursing friend always said. He is now gone too soon, never to enjoy his retirement, or see his grandchildren grow up. 

There went another one, who shall never grow old as we silvers got old here. Off on another journey, Aloha! We can all now cross bridges as they happen, persisting with the power of positivity. We have all met interesting people on our own paths, they left a lasting impression on us. 

My plans for this feel-good day are to keep writing. It is hard to write in an inclusive way, making reading accessible for any audience. Saying this, we can plan suitable activities, depending on your affordable choices. I like to write short stories too, but we must be politically correct, in an inventive way. 

Lots of things are challenges for anyone of any age. We silvers can step up to the plate, wake up with a chirpy smile, and say, “Old stuff has got this!” Sometimes things happen, life can throw anyone a curly one, so keep on keeping on. Just think, “I’ll put the kettle on and enjoy some relaxing with positivi-tea!” 

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