Finding tranquility in your ‘sitspot’: Embracing serenity in a hectic world

Apr 07, 2024
Source: Getty Images.

This is our best bet, all of us boomers, now the seniors of society. At a certain stage of each day, sit down in a relaxing sitspot, enjoy a WOW moment. Think of all the positive stuff that has been achieved, so far. Now sit down, take some deep breaths, and focus on some quiet times.

Being tranquil and not too busy is not harmful for any of us these days. It is good to do some exercise, appreciate nature, stay up to date with all family and contacts. What do you do in your sitspot? You might have a patch of paradise in the garden, if such exists. You might have a spot of subtle sunlight, or a cool room. Relaxing might be favourite music, or television, a book, some craft, or a movie, whatever you like. Romance, comedy, drama or action? Now is the time to refresh all our ageing batteries in our sitspot. You can meditate trendily, in yoga pants or not, either early or late. Switch off, breathe, relax, focus on realistic goals, and maintain our inimitable boomer humour.

At some stage of each senior day, sitting down is so our best bet. Refreshed, we can venture on, or pull up stumps, and take boomer chill pills, or a bevvy, if so inclined. Personally, my sit spot has two parts, my good old armchair, a book nook with some classic new release literature. My other sitspot is my comfortable bed. After smashing the daily tasks, at the end of the day, I can sit or lay in bed, trying not to dwell on the past, or indeed, do too much navel gazing.

Some of the sage advice on our online gurus can be quite hilarious. I can do meditation on my inner lentil, it is as good and healing as everything else. You can take spam we have all heard before too seriously. I like writing, and have a good imagination, so am focusing on teaching English writing and my own individual creative literature. I have kicked off the year, setting modest, but positive goals, and can ruminate with any other woman on earth.

All women or grey dudes must enjoy any personal WOW moments. Did I survive all that? These days, I also write the good news for a USA Christian website. But most Aussies these days declare themselves to be atheists, agnostics, or barrack for the New Age. I have friends who do, they awaken and read their tarot cards. Then they check their horoscopes, and read their family’s palms to decide on their daily good luck and fortunes. Are they hoping for something? Maybe a tall, but rich and dark, handsome stranger to gallop in, solving any issues. Boomers never know their luck in this quiet suburb. Any belief is valid in our accepting world here in Australia. Due to my family background, I can play the flute, the harp, the atheists, and include the New Age. Anything goes as an inclusive stereotype! None are compulsory. I guess anyone can be too religious, but anyone now can sort their best personal bet on how they achieve any daily toil.

Like many, I am a no show at my faith community, depending on my energy, the weather, any excuse. But  there is always online, participating, developing a practice of peace. I always hope our equitable democracy we acknowledge can lead the future way, when armies, bombs, oppression and malnutrition are all replaced by ‘something better’, for everyone on our lovely planet. I can imagine a collaboration of a global think tank, uniting in peace across Earth. Maybe in our lifetime, or some when, as we all turn into wisps on this jewel of a rock, circling on a tour of the sun. Relax in your own sitspot, sort your best bet, enjoy the ride!

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