Comfort from loved ones in the afterlife

Feb 11, 2023
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I don’t know about you, but I have encountered many people who have had unusual things happen to them after a loved one has passed. Some people think I’m crazy for talking about these types of things, but as I open up the conversation with some of my senior friends, I find that they have had experiences similar to mine. 

I’d like to tell you about one of the experiences I have had with one of my family members. Other things have happened to me but for now, I will focus on what happened with my oldest brother, since he is the first sibling in my family to pass away. 

I was never very close to my oldest brother Hal. There were six kids in our family, so I gravitated toward some of the others with whom I had more in common.

Hal was twelve years my senior, so we grew up at different times. But he was a tender soul, and like many tender souls, he died too early, at the age of 54. 

Some strange things happened after my brother was gone, and to this day, it only reaffirms what I believe about the afterlife. Perhaps after our loved ones pass, maybe they are still with us in a different way.

A few days after my brother died, I got a call from my sister-in-law, who also lived in the vicinity of my brother. While she was walking her dog, she saw a familiar figure at the end of the street. He was dressed exactly like my brother, with a red sweatshirt and blue jeans that hung too low around his waist. 

He was smoking like he usually did. My sister-in-law dismissed the thought thinking that he was a neighbour she didn’t know. As she returned to her condo, she looked back at the fellow who was on the sidewalk. He wasn’t there. Perhaps Hal had paid her visit to let her know that he was okay?

About a week later, my partner was driving into the valley for a business appointment. While she was driving along, she saw someone dressed in the same fashion, with a red sweatshirt and low-hanging jeans. He had a newspaper under his arm, a cup of coffee, and he was smoking. My partner thought he looked exactly like my brother. When she looked in the rearview mirror, he was no longer there.

Although I never received a visitation from my oldest brother, these types of things have happened to me frequently. I’ve had visitations from my mother a few times, my older sister, and even two of our cats who made their presence known as we were packing and preparing to sell our condo.

Why do these things happen to some people and not others? Who knows, but I gladly welcome visitations from the other side whenever they take place. It only reaffirms the fact that I think our spiritual energy is still around, 

Perhaps it’s a change of temperature in the room. Maybe you sense a presence nearby. What’s that chill you get up your spine for no apparent reason? Perhaps it’s the smell of perfume or a cigar from a loved one who has passed. 

Whatever the reason, I gladly welcome these occurrences. Perhaps we are not alone.

Have these types of things happened to you? I would love to hear about them because I think they are fairly common among many of us, especially if we are open to these types of experiences. For me, it is comforting to know that our loved ones are still around, even if it’s hard to physically see them.


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