Christmas again

Dec 25, 2023
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It is Christmas time again. How the year has rolled around. Here it is time for carols, my little Christmas tree, and cards I keep meaning to address. That seems to need the ‘woman’s touch’! Getting Christmas sorted, is the usual way. I shall proceed to order some festive snacks and my chicken for a relaxing lunch with some gal pals.

The magic of Christmas is defo in the air. So are the price rises, or so it seems. Christmas time again, time for mass genocide of poultry farms. Not much in it for chickens and their relatives at this most festive time of the year.

Still, most of us humans are omnivores, especially in the jolly fat guy season. Never mind, we can tell our dinner, as we address the lovely chicken lunch, “We who are about to eat you, greet you!” Delish. No use complaining about such first world non-issues. Unless, of course, there are vegan guests for Happy Yuletide. Then it is fun with tofu. Yes, I can do tofu. Personally, my advice is to marinate your tofu. You can choose soy sauce, ginger, bit of spice. Marinade for at least two hours, then throw it in the bin, and cook some old fashioned protein for your festive din-dins! Individual food choices have to take their place too. Anyway, we must be prepared for anything as this silly season approaches.

I do appreciate gatherings at Christmas. I am not really a social person, but it is good to renew our laughs. Many people this year in particular shall not be able to afford any celebrations. Their children may not receive any gifts, their food funds and sources are limited. I know of some people, seniors, singles, or even families, who donate their Christmas time to cooking festive lunches for the disenfranchised. Then everyone sits down together, to dine on a Christmas meal, sharing their journey. Santa visits and everyone receives a gift. Dishes are washed, and a community celebration.

This is a noble effort. No one has to be particularly religious, although our local churches here do a sterling job. They collect food for hampers, new toys, and gift vouchers, and organise rosters for their Christmas meals. The message of our Christmas is here again too. Peace on Earth, goodwill to all mankind. As boomers, we wish all the world leaders would get with this. Even non-religious can hope for peace and harmony, an end to any armed conflict. I wish the world could start the new year with a positive plan for truces, and a ceasefire, starting today. Why not, indeed?

As our year rolls around to Christmas time again, we all hope our lucky land can remain free from conflicts, aiming for peaceful resolutions of big picture issues. This year in focus has caused untold numbers of world citizens to be displaced refugees, stateless persons, and their homelands bombed to smithereens. Australia, our lucky land, cannot be humanitarian enough. As individuals, we can only do what we can do. We can make toys, donate food, make Christmas lunch, and maintain peace in our corner of the world.

Yes, Christmas time again. Whether our leaders and citizens give lip service to the original Christmas or not, we can all do our little bit to overcome conflicts. Start small in our homes, then spread peace to the local community, then hope for diplomatic solutions to our human potential for Armageddon. That is the worst case scenario, of course. Christmas time is a time for gifts as well. The annual dither, what to purchase, budget friendly. All our gifts are for giving, to each other on the day, and for the future ahead. We can all hope for the best. Enjoy each Christmas!

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