Build our morale!

Dec 30, 2023
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Feeling young just never grows old. These are our good old days! Yes, we have got to believe that. It is our golden plateau in life. We can build up our morale, and be positive, supportive and kind to each other. We must acknowledge that we can be afflicted by any expensive or limiting health condition. That can happen at any tick of the clock, from here on.

Right now, I have some gal pals in my social ladies’ group who are staring at their hip recos, knee surgeons, or gastro-endoscope, or colonoscopy, if not aiming to march into battle with their oncologist. Our weekly coffee is like ten little Indians, waiting to see who or what is next for some slightly barbaric medical procedure.

But these are our good old days! I do wonder if we should all convene at the local hotel. We could hit the hard liquor department, swapping tales with the bartender. We could have a great send off, going to the great dealer in the sky, like “Elsie” in Cabaret. Maybe I might not be kidding, the end result would be the same. We would all end up a future crisp in the back of a black limousine, but pickled in pure alcohol.

Meanwhile, feeling young today is not going to grow old. We can build up our morale by encouraging our family and friends of any age. We can still share our family milestones, celebrate holidays, visit each other, call in with surprise coffee. We can build up morale by accepting our individual personalities and limitations. Some people like a whinge, their audience has to jolly them along. It is cool to be kind. A common whine is that there is absolutely nothing on television now there is no football for summer.

For this, just say, “Never mind,” and administer as much chocolate you can afford, according to the rising cost of the supermarket. Then maintain a separate space, and accentuate the positive. That is their whining personality not yours. At our age, we can manifest our own peace, not looking in the rear vision mirror. We can meditate on our own fun and feel good days. For our own morale, we might wish to, and be able to work part time. Works for this lady grey!

If we throw in the towel on anything, we shall wake up and the sun shines again, on any day. So keep going. The divine power, if you believe, will hand you your towel, and tell you to keep going, these are our good old days. That is our basic survival mechanism of our resilient human nature.

Ageing meantime can lower our morale, so take steps to make life easier at home. Remove tripping hazards, create clear access to rooms, install rails in showers and loos, slow down. See if you can access a food delivery service to cater for nutrition. Cut corners, enlist support, either a cleaner or gardener, or both. This all depends on the boomer’s financial situation. Keep up with staying in touch, with friends and any family. We have their backs, they have ours if something happens.

Depending on our health and physical condition, we can do simple exercises, even walking most days is better than nothing. This can be our wrinkle age of bucket lists, making up for what we missed. It is great to have something to look forward to, even if it is sitting down, having a restful afternoon or evening. Take a minute to write down what you are thankful for right now. Yes, it is great to build up our morale. We can all aim at something. Might see that bartender one day, any tick of the clock! Until then, even when it is raining, make your own sunshine for the good old days!

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