‘Baby Boomers turned their kids into a bunch of PC-obsessed whingers’

Jul 26, 2019
"I’m choking on my 1950s tongue because I can’t swallow anymore of this 2019 PC bulls**t," says Robyn.

I’m choking on my 1950s tongue because I can’t swallow anymore of this 2019 PC bulls**t. My tough Baby Boomer skin has been penetrated once too often by the anti-vaxxers, the ‘me too’ crowd, militant feminists and the ‘all men are rapists and paedophiles’ mind-set of some.

However, and this pains me greatly to admit, sadly, I do think my generation of parents must take some responsibility for the mess, as many of these social media ‘influencers’ appear to be in the age range of 40 years old, or thereabouts. That’s our generation of daughters.

Seriously, when a grandfather’s tease of offering to blow more bubbles if his granddaughter gives him a hug is objected to on sinister, unfounded grounds, surely it’s time to agree to stop all this bloody nonsense.

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I wonder how these claims made the grandfather feel? If the reaction was anything like that of the males in my family … Wow …. Ballistic.

The pendulum has swung too far and is completely out of whack. In my opinion, unless there are significant grounds for such a thought process, this sadly smacks of over-thinking on steroids but moreover, it’s just plain sad and unbelievably insulting.

Actually, and I mean this most sincerely, I don’t really feel part of this present day human race or in sync with the ‘new ideas’ sprouted by this new bunch of ‘influencers’; opinionated writers who, without experience, qualifications or common sense, ooze the knowledge of the ill-informed. Personally, I think the only thing they exude is over-confidence, a complete belief that it’s their way or the highway, that they are right and are fighting the good fight. There are gifted, influential writers steering ‘easily-led’ multitudes down PC paths that either have no end, fork in the most dubious of places or journey into extremely dark places from which there is no return. Someone hasn’t thought it all through because the domino effects are enormously significant and are now beginning to sprout end results of major concern.

Did we forget to teach our daughters intellectual balance, the importance of research, the dangers of blanket judgement and that ‘one-size-fits-all’ mindset that got us here in the first place? It would appear some of us empowered our girls with an intellectual capacity that perhaps was over-stated; presumed a social conscience was a birth right and sent them off to university happy in the knowledge they were both forewarned and forearmed.

Did we Baby Boomer parents of girls get it all wrong? Is it all just now back-firing because our girls are birthing their own girls?

Did Germaine Greer and Gloria Steiner exert that much influence over our generation? Did we blindly follow without question or did it all simply ‘make sense’.

Twenty-twenty from 2019, I think, has us accepting and nodding in universal agreement that many of the changes and innovations of the ’60s and ’70s were not only ‘just’ but long overdue. I do believe however, that we sometimes forget how difficult it was to break the old taboos, to forget how anti-social our parents believed our behaviour to be. Our ‘bra-burning’ attitude, both literally (yes, we did) and figuratively, shocked all previous generations. However, I do believe there was substance, research, forethought and logic to many of the ‘changes’.

All points sadly lacking in the ‘my opinion is the only opinion’ attitude of some of today’s scribes; trouble is, with social media, this outlook is flourishing.

Did our 1950s/’60s/’70s social change culture create this 2019 ‘perfect storm’? Do ‘we’ really want to prevent grandpa having a laugh with his granddaughter?

I realise ‘Blaming the Baby Boomers’ seems to be the finger-pointing sport of this century however, in this instance, do you think there may be a grain of truth? I think I’m going to need more than a spoonful of sugar if I’m going to have to swallow any more of this Precious Crap, this Princess Culture. Pass the medicinal wine, stat.

Do you agree with this writer? Do you worry about where the PC movement is taking us?

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