Are we the winners?

Aug 29, 2023
While I sit here, nursing my suspiciously bad back, I can still enjoy a day in the life of a golden age. Source: Getty Images.

While I sit here, nursing my suspiciously bad back, I can still enjoy a day in the life of a golden age. This too shall pass into survivor baggage. We can all appreciate our golden years with suitable adaptations in our expectations.

After all, we grey heads are either the sperm that won the race, or the resilient eggs that stepped up to the plate. As I approach the milestone of seventy years old, I barrack for peace and harmony, placid days. I have enjoyed the past decade of my golden years, smiling in the face of some adversity.

Due to chance, I explored the beauty spots of Victoria’s great Western district in a caravan. That was in the days when the Australian Jayco was king! In the bush, campers meet a range of new friendships, people from many walks of life. Everyone was passing through. Some of us stayed in touch for quite some time through social media.

In rural towns, the bakeries and catering was good, the pies and burgers excellent. I did enjoy viewing several horseracing events. It was an appreciation of the bush ballads and galloping rhymes of that realm, one of the last homes of the vanishing steeplechase. Old Father Time marched on. I was cast in the role of being a kind, supportive caregiver for a very elderly geriatric. I maintained my single status. Hey, some of us are single and not married, no big deal. I must say that I prefer not to be a caregiver again. I shall leave that to some energetic chicks to step up, so they can also persevere to the end.

So, for current affairs, my relationship status is single, as normal, and rehydrating with coffee, as usual. Grey heads unite. Some hide our silver threads with hair colouring, or a toupee, all okay. Ah, that’s better, On this senior Sunday, I drop myself onto my bed, sinking on a wheat bag to ease off my strained back. I shall look forward, now there is really no turning back. I do still enjoy tutoring my students and assisting them with their English, crossing the bridges to make their studies easier. Most are bilingual, clever really, thinking in two languages from many lands.

For them, the streets of Australia may not be paved with gold, but they have been through several battles to live here in our meld of Australia today. Our golden agers with our grey heads still have some skills to offer the young ones.

While I was browsing, I read that about 1/5th of today’s Gen Z will be the opposite gender by the time they reach 21 years old. In our days, Father Time makes this sound old, boys were boys and girls were girls. We  are now so old, women married males, and men married chicks.

Despite this, I guess we all knew of some men who wanted to be wives. But they had to live in the closet, never game to tell their oldies they were never getting grandsons from them. Now I know males who want to turn into Jennifer Louise, and a married couple who are femmes with the title of ‘bros’. One of these couples has had testosterone implants, so “their” has grown a beard, and no longer menstruates.

They are planning sperm bank babies, a pigeon pair. Good luck to true love! But as grey heads, we might say their music is still trash, but we boomers can listen to what we like. Let’s face it, we can all sing every Elvis and Abba song, with the lyrics of Grease. All part of our imprinted brains. Grease is now regarded as a toxic role model for growing young women of Oz.

Somehow, most of the boomers are still here, planning to enjoy our golden age. I suppose we are still the sperm that won the race. Best music, best of times, and appreciating every wow moment, in our senior way. When my back improves, that will be a wow! Keep thinking chirpy, and enjoy each happy day ahead. So do you think we are the winners?

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