‘Ageing should include a laugh!’: Growing old disgracefully makes life fun

Dec 21, 2020
Life doesn't have to be taken seriously! Source: Getty

Are you ageing with humour? Ageing can imply finding a laugh in our own lives. After all, we’ve paid our dues, that’s why we’re wrinklies. Our golden years are here, no need for tears. We wake up feeling like teenagers, but we go to stand up. Then! The lumbago starts playing up, or we forget our normal ‘stuff’, and have senior moments, like sitting on our glasses.

Ageing should include a laugh along the way, so we can have fun, and aspire to grow old disgracefully. We can forget names and faces, like that popular song by Roberta Flack, ‘The First Time I Forgot Your Face’. Or we can hum along to, ‘On The Commode Again’ (Canned Heat). Fluid tablets are so much fun!

Being young is gone, it was fun being lively, but now we are at the comfortable stage. If we are wishing we are young, think twice about learning algebra and Shakespeare again. All those tragic heroes and drama queens. They’re still inflicting that on teenagers. They cannot wait to grow up, to leave all that behind, like we did.

There are lots of benefits in ageing. For example, our best friends cannot recall anything, so all our secrets are safe. Some days, we can have amnesia, dementia, and déjà vu all at once, as we find the car and cannot locate those pesky car keys. Then we can start bragging about the grand old age we have reached.

Some people never grow up, we can stay immature forever, taking a light-hearted approach at daily life. Everyone knows each other as we all live in our little world. Health food is no longer necessary, at our age we need all the preservatives we can get! We have aged so much, peer pressure no longer exists. Our peers are in the morgue, is it worth geriatrics going home from the funerals of their peers? Someone old is whinging again, so I feel like asking, “Do you want the undertaker here?” Instead, I just say, “Cheer up, mardy bum!”

Yes, for the 60-plus, experience is what we have when all else is gone. At our age, our bodily weight can vary. We can all aim for our original weight, 6 lb. 3 oz! Joke! Do we know how to prevent gravity winning as everything starts to sag? Yes! We can eat until we fill out the wrinkles.

What are we waiting for now? Maybe we only grow old, really start ageing, when we stop laughing. Then we can really grow miserable, and turn into Negative Norman or Norma! Ageing is a stage. So come on, it is time for a laugh. We can all look forward to our seniors’ discounts. Maybe a comedy at the movies.

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How do you feel about ageing? Do you like to have a laugh at yourself?

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