Why ‘The Chase’ star Anne Hegerty has taken a playful dig at Jeremy Clarkson

The Chase star Anne Hegerty has a playful dig at Jeremy Clarkson. Source: Getty Images.

The Chase TV star and quiz maestro, Anne Hegerty, has had a little dig at fellow TV star Jeremy Clarkson during a recent episode of the popular ITV game show.

The 65-year-old television personality, known for her sharp wit and encyclopedic knowledge, made the comments about Clarkson when a contestant stepped up to take a life-changing amount back to the main bank.

The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh posed the question, “The prize on the TV series ‘Fastest Finger First’ is a guaranteed place on what other game show?”

The choices were Sitting on a Fortune, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and Tipping Point. Beth, the contestant chose the correct answer, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Naturally, Hegerty, known as the Governess on the show, also knew the correct answer but took things further by admitting that: “On the original show, apparently I came up as an option and Jeremy Clarkson said I can’t help you I have never heard of her.”

“Cheers Jezza,” she joked.

Taken aback, Walsh responded, “Is that really? He has never heard of you? Crikey!”

Hegerty was referring to an episode of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? when the question, “since 2016, who has hosted the TV game show that requires teams of five to name items in the top 10 lists?” was asked.

The options were Warwick Davis, Phillip Schofield, Adil Ray and Anne Hegerty.

The unsure contestant opted for a lifeline asking Clarkson for assistance. The nonplussed former Top Gear presenter was left scratching his head.

“OK. Here is what I think. I haven’t even heard of two of these people… Adil Ray and Anne Hegerty,” Clarkson said.

“I can’t even think what the game show is! I cannot help you on this one and that is my final answer.”

Despite Clarkson not being aware of the quizmaster who has been on our screens since 2010, Hegerty is no stranger to the spotlight and recently got X (formerly Twitter) abuzz when she lashed out at body shamers.

After finding herself in the crossfire of body-shaming trolls who went online to make unwarranted comments about her physique, she chose to hit back which prompted an outpouring of support from fans worldwide.

Her message struck a chord with fans, who swiftly rallied around the TV personality, expressing their admiration for her resilience and standing against body-shaming culture.



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