Fans rally around ‘The Chase’ star Anne Hegerty as she takes body shamers to task

Dec 05, 2023
Hegerty's message struck a chord with fans, who swiftly rallied around the TV personality. Source: Getty Images.

In a resounding triumph against internet trolls, renowned quizzer and star of The Chase, Anne Hegerty, has taken a bold stand against body shamers.

The 65-year-old television personality, known for her sharp wit and encyclopedic knowledge on the popular quiz show, found herself in the crossfire of body-shaming trolls who took to Twitter to make unwarranted comments about her physique.

Instead of letting negativity prevail, Hegerty chose to hit back which prompted an outpouring of support from fans worldwide.

Her message struck a chord with fans, who swiftly rallied around the TV personality, expressing their admiration for her resilience and standing against body-shaming culture.

Hegerty isn’t the only celebrity taking body shamers to task, recently beloved comedian Dawn French took a stand against the entertainment industry’s obsession with image, fearlessly confronting body shamers with her own powerful message.

French found herself the focus of the public’s fixation with appearance when she underwent a hysterectomy in 2014. At the time, her doctor suggested that losing weight could speed up her recovery, prompting The Vicar of Dibley star to shed over 40 kilograms in preparation for the procedure.

Her new look didn’t go unnoticed, swiftly capturing the media’s spotlight as headlines worldwide focused on her new appearance.

Now in a recent interview with The Times, French opened up about how women are often “reduced” to their appearance when in the public eye.

“I have never rejected the bigger woman I have been. Lots of people do it and say, ‘Oh, you look so much better – now you look well.’ And I think, ‘F*** off! Don’t judge that other person who I loved,’” she told the publication.

French also discussed the early years of her career when she and her comedy partner, Jennifer Saunders, starred in their BBC show French and Saunders. She pointed out that they often faced comments about their looks, a situation she felt was different from their male colleagues.


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