Why Rod Stewart’s kids are ‘worried’ about the singing sensation

Jun 17, 2023
Rod Stewart's children have reportedly urged the 78-year-old music icon to "throw in the towel" and consider retirement. Source: Getty Images.

After decades of success in the music industry and as he nears his 80s, Rod Stewart’s children have reportedly urged the music legend to “throw in the towel”.

With a history of previous health issues and the weight of advancing age on his shoulders, Stewart’s kids have taken it upon themselves to encourage him to consider retirement, raising concerns about the toll his demanding career may be taking on him.

“They are worried about him and want him to throw in the towel on music and retire on his own terms,” a close friend told The Daily Mail.

“Their dad has devoted 50 years of his life to music and he has nothing left to prove to anyone.

“With his health issues, and considering his age, several of Rod’s kids just think it is time for him to take a few years to focus on his health and his family – especially after the birth of his third grandbaby.”

In 2019, Stewart shared the news that he had successfully beaten prostate cancer after a private three-year battle with the disease. This came decades after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Shortly after news broke of his prostate cancer journey, Stewart underwent ankle fusion surgery and a full knee replacement due to a soccer injury.

Source: Getty Images.

As concerns about Stewart’s ability to keep up with the demands of a hectic music career grow among his children they will no doubt be relieved to hear that the Maggie May hitmaker is set to take a step back from “the rock ‘n’ roll shows”.

During a recent appearance on BBC Breakfast Stewart announced that his upcoming Edinburgh performances will be the last of his rock performances as he wants to change direction.

“My forthcoming concerts at Edinburgh Castle will be the last of the rock ‘n’ roll shows,” he said.

“I want to move on and I’ve always wanted to do The Great American Songbook live. It sold 38 million copies.

“I’ve also done a fantastic swing album with Jools Holland which is more Louis Prima than Frank Sinatra. I just want to make a change.”

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