When trolls were only in fairy tales

Apr 09, 2022

I remember clearly checking under bridges when my school teacher told us the story about billy goats’ gruff, I sure wish they could have stayed there. 

Being a devoted Facebook user I have joined a lot of groups that I thought would have like-minded people to chat to. 

My cat and dog groups proudly showed their fur pals, some ask for advice and receive many recommendations- usually check with the vet comment-  so imagine my surprise when out of all that friendliness, comes a nasty comment about how people shouldn’t own a pet if they don’t know what to do to look after them. 

A lovely young girl was told, “you are ugly”,” do your parents a favour and kill yourself.” I  couldn’t understand how that didn’t get flagged by the Facebook admin, especially when  I saw another post from a friend who was writing an address Glasscocks road and was shut out for three weeks. Her mistake was a typo making it Glass Cocks road. Interesting difference. 

Having said all this, most readers will recognise the trolling of our day, it may not have reached as far but certainly was painful, back then we called it bullying. 

Moving so much saw me in many new schools. The so-called popular girls were on me like a duck on a June bug.  The last school grade was happier because I had a very good singing voice and sang at most school events. Sadly the next in line was a sweet girl who had to be removed the taunting was so bad. Often wondered why I didn’t stand up for her.  Guess it was fear that it might be me again. Still feel guilty about that one. 

My own granddaughter had her share in these trolling times but she had her family getting her back and she managed to give these twits the best punishment they could receive.  She ignored it. 

Being a gym junkie we young mums gloried in arriving in the latest gear, remember Jane Fonda? The clothes were right, some took a little more pleasure in looking like racing greyhounds than others. I saw trolls at work long before it was a “thing”, a beautiful girl of Hawaiian heritage joined the group, not a racing greyhound but beautiful nevertheless. They gathered in groups and snickered about her. 

One day I asked, “why do you put up with it?” 

She just tossed her beautiful long hair and said “If a lion got loose and saw them it would only get a snack I would keep them full for a week.”

I laughed so hard I cried. 

So people being trolled give some thought that in fairy tales trolls are very very ugly. 

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