Well-intentioned grandpa goes viral for amusing babysitting mishaps

Mar 13, 2023
A grandpa has gone viral following a series of humorous incidents while babysitting. Source: Getty Images.

Despite having the best of intentions, a grandpa’s attempts at babysitting his grandson have gone viral following a series of humorous misadventures.

As Molly Madfis prepared for her honeymoon, the 37-year-old reached out to her father, John, to look after her 5-year-old son, Arlo.

“Arlo worships my dad,” Madfis told TODAY

“But I was a little nervous about leaving them alone together. My dad is pretty co-dependent — like, he’ll go to CVS and then call me eight times with different questions.”

It seems that her unease was justified, with a number of mishaps from the weekend being shared in a TikTok video that has since gone viral.

The video begins with John captured on a security camera outside the house leaving for school with Arlo, already running 30 minutes late.

Viewers are then treated to a series of text message exchanges in which John asks how to use the toaster, where the salsa is, and what to do with leftovers from dinner.

Clearly missing her son, Madfis asked her father to send her a photo of her son to which John replied: “Why? You know what he looks like.”

Seeing that her father was having a bit of trouble with his babysitting duties, Madfis eventually called in a babysitter to lend a hand.

Upon Madfis’ request the babysitter “secretly” snapped a picture of her overwhelmed father to see how he was holding up. Eventually, Madfis received a snap of her father in the background enjoying what appeared to be a much-needed beer.

“At first my dad was actually kind of mad that we had our babysitter come and help. But after we got back, he thanked us,” she said.

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After receiving a positive response online, many followers shared their own experiences with their parents or in-laws babysitting their kids.

“I asked my FIL for a pic of my baby so he sent me a pic that I sent him of her last week,” one person wrote.

“My FIL was house/kid/dog sitting for us & husband opened FB & saw our 2 dogs’ pic in our neighborhood group asking if anyone knew who they belonged to.”

“The kid probably had the week of his life. I like it,” another commented.

“Love how he didn’t mind sending you pictures of the toaster and the pizza but was confused on why you wanted one of the kid.”

“This is literally my dad!! I always say I have NO idea how I’m alive.”

“Love that your dad is willing to babysit!!”

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