Victoria cases soar a week before restrictions lift

Melbourne is set to emerge from lockdown, amid growing Covid-19 case numbers. Source: Getty

As Victoria records the highest number of Covid-19 cases in the country since the pandemic began, there is news that the state will emerge from their lockdown next week.

Today, Victoria reported 2297 new Covid-19 cases over the last 24 hours, the highest ever recorded in Australia. This is 330 cases more than their previous highest daily number, 1965 cases, recorded on October 9. Sadly, 11 people died from Covid-19 in the reporting period.

This is a heartbreaking blow for all Victorians, who had been hopeful that this wave had hit its peak, and that number of infections was now decreasing.

However, not all news is bad. The Australian reports that residents of Melbourne are “on track to be released” from their lockdown – the longest in the world.

Australia’s lockdowns and strict rules have news all over the world, even prompting protests in America.

This potential early release amid high case numbers could be due to high vaccination rates across Victoria.

86.7 per cent of all eligible Victorians aged 16 and over have received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, and 61.49 per cent having received two doses.

Victoria is set to reach 70 per cent double-dosed vaccinated on October 22, just four days ahead of the predicted timeline.

Upon reaching this 70 per cent milestone, Premier Daniel Andrews has announced that restrictions will ease.

The roadmap forwards for Victoria shows that upon reaching 70 per cent fully vaccinated, Victorians will enjoy life curfew and lockdown free.

Additionally, the travel distance from residents’ primary address will be increased to 25 kilometres, from just 15 kilometres.

Hospitality venues will be allowed to operate with outdoor seating, and increased capacities, only servicing those who are fully vaccinated,  while weddings, funerals and other life events will be able to proceed with higher capacities for those who are vaccinated.

However, Victorians have been at this stage before, having emerged from a 112-day lockdown on October 26, 2020, almost 12 months to the day, from when restrictions will lift this time around.

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