‘Too far’: Supermarket’s divisive new hot cross bun flavour receives cool reception

Jan 17, 2024
Whether you're excited about the potential new flavours or are firmly in the "hard no" camp, it seems Australia is in for an interesting Easter this year. Source: Getty Images.

Just when you thought the hot cross bun madness couldn’t get any more outrageous, Australian supermarkets have managed to outdo themselves with a divisive new flavour that has received a mixed response from shoppers.

Coles, in collaboration with Arnott’s, have dared to fuse two Aussie favourites: Hot Cross Buns and Pizza Shapes. Yes, you read that right – Pizza Shapes Hot Cross Buns.

The revelation came courtesy of Australian food blogger NectoriusPapi, who shared the first glimpse of these savory sensations on social media. The buns come in a pack of four, each generously adorned with what seems to be the unmistakable seasoning of Arnott’s Pizza Shapes.

In an Instagram post, NectoriousPapi exclaimed, “THIS IS 100% LEGIT. I mentioned a few weeks ago Arnotts is teaming up with Coles to collab for 2 new Hot Cross Buns Flavours.”

“1 sweet and 1 savoury … here’s the savoury. We are getting a Pizza Shapes Hot Cross Bun,” he added.

“Available at Coles real soon. Keen?”


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The unique flavour combo didn’t sit well with shoppers, leaving them questioning if some culinary experiments are best enjoyed in the realm of imagination rather than at the kitchen table.

Comments flooded social media, with one user exclaiming, “This is getting stupid now,” while another bluntly remarked, “Sorry, but that sounds disgusting.”

The sentiment that the unconventional flavor had crossed a line resonated, with one critic stating, “Well, this is just going too far,” and another asserting, “This is so foul if it’s real.”

Even those with a nostalgic fondness for Pizza Shapes couldn’t quite wrap their heads around the idea, as expressed by a conflicted commenter: “This can’t be legit; I love pizza shapes like a complete weakness and childhood lunchbox memory for me. Dunno if I would try, though.”

Some were even more resolute in their rejection, with a straightforward “That’s a hard no”. And in a tone of exhaustion, one observer lamented, “It’s not even April Fools’ Day… I am sick of all these ‘trends.’ Next, there will be dog food flavor hot cross buns; whoever is doing this needs to give it a rest.”

Despite the less than stellar response to the new offering, a Coles spokesperson told 7NEWS.com.au that more unique creations would be hitting shelves shortly.

“We love to hear the excitement Aussies have when two iconic brands come together, and we have some rippers in the works for you!” the spokesperson said.

“The rumours are true, we have teamed up with the bikkie masters at Arnott’s to develop some exciting creations but you’ll have to wait a little longer to try these fair dinkum Aussie classics.

“We can’t wait to share more details with our customers soon, including when they’ll be available in store.”

Whether you’re excited about the potential new flavours or are firmly in the “hard no” camp, it seems Australia is in for an interesting Easter this year.

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