‘Bun-believable’: Hot cross buns make Boxing Day debut, sparking mixed reactions from shoppers

Dec 26, 2023
The decision to offer the Easter treat on Boxing Day has ignited a delightful mix of reactions. Source: Getty Images.

As families around Australia enjoy their final bites of leftover Christmas ham and polish off the last crumbs of fruitcake, supermarkets are wasting no time in ushering in the next holiday indulgence.

Hot cross buns, traditionally reserved for Easter, have already found their way onto the shelves of grocery stores nationwide much to the surprise of some shoppers.

The decision to offer the Easter treat on Boxing Day has ignited a delightful mix of reactions, with some eager shoppers embracing the early arrival, while others insist it’s a tad premature for Easter treats.

“Nope right on schedule I’d think less of them if I couldn’t devour a hot cross bun with my prawns on Boxing Day,” one pleased shopper wrote.

“That is way too early. We just had Christmas Day. Why can’t Woolworths and Coles just wait until February,” another argued in response.

“Love it haha never too early,” one claimed.

“Yes definitely give me a break lol still left over Xmas food,” one person explained.

“Yumm….always good to have them early,” another said.

“They did it every year and I won’t buy them. Just goes to the bakery when it’s close to Easter and gets them. Then they are fresh and the best,” one suggested.

“Never too early…already had some for lunch mmmm. If people can go boxing day special for half price xmas stuff for 2024 then l can have hot cross buns!!!!” another shopper said.

“Seriously not even over Christmas & New year yet,” one simply stated.

Supermarket representatives were unapologetic about the early inclusion of hot cross buns in post-Christmas offerings.

In a statement, Donald Keith, Woolworths Hot Cross Bun Expert and Bakery Merchandise Manager said, “This week we’ve come out all buns glazing with the launch of our new Fairy Bread Hot Cross Bun, and return of our Cadbury Caramilk Hot Cross Buns, a customer favourite.”

“Our team has had some fun turning back time in developing new varieties for our hot cross bun loving customers, with one more surprise still in store later in the season,” Keith said.

“Each and every year our customers show that it’s never too early for hot cross buns and we expect to sell around 1.8 million buns in this first week alone.”

As hot cross buns make their early debut, Aussies are split on the early Easter vibes. Whether you’re enjoying a taste of the season ahead or holding out for tradition, one thing’s clear – these buns have become the talk of the town, adding some liveliness to the post-Christmas celebrations.

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