Happy Hour: Tipsy Rod Stewart parties in the kitchen with his family

Nov 22, 2021
Seventies rock legend Rod Stewart is more content partying with his family at home these days. Source: Getty

Back in the day, raunchy rocker Rod Stewart used to party up a storm at glitzy venues across the world – often with famous pals such as Elton John, Ronnie Wood, and David Bowie in tow (and, of course, a bevy of interchangeable blondes).

Nowadays, the 76–year-old entertainment veteran gets his kicks much closer to home. Literally.

For all those who love a good laugh on a dreary Monday, Sir Rod has just posted a hilarious video to his Twitter account of him getting loose as a goose with his family over Sunday dinner yesterday (November 21).

Lovingly captioned “Sundays are for family!”, the husky-voiced crooner can be seen larking about in his luxurious marble kitchen in Essex, England; dressed in a long-sleeve floral-print top, unbuttoned to mid-chest to display his bare chest and trademark heavy gold chains, teamed with a pair of tight buttercup yellow jeans.

Clearly a little merry in the cups, the star also has a bright yellow dishrag planted on top of his spiky crowning glory – his contribution to doing the dishes.

With a Fleetwood Mac track blaring in the background and the rest of his family hard at work at the sink, a tipsy Rod tells his Twitter followers:

“We’ve had a lovely Sunday dinner tonight. This is my daughter, she’s doing the washing up. There’s my two sons. They’re clearing up.

“Here we are, singing after dinner. Have we had a drink or two?” hollers a happy Rod. “Yes. We. Have!” After this, he and his family erupt into loud cheers and start bopping along to the 70s music as they continue to tackle the mess.

The fun-loving 20-second video has already had 850,000 views and provides a rare glimpse into the famous singer’s family life – as well as a rare sighting of the two young sons, Alastair, 15, and 10-year-old Aiden, that he shares with third wife Penny Lancaster.

Many of Rod’s fans clearly relished the sight of the ageing rocker letting his iconic silver hair down and showing his family man side.

Gushed one Twitter post: “Love this. Family is everything and with [Fleetwood] Mac in the background and a drink down you it doesn’t get any better enjoy life it’s for living.”

“I want to come – I love Rod,” wrote another.

The reformed lothario has eight children from five different mothers, ranging in age from 11 to 58. Since marrying former model and photographer Penny Lancaster over two decades ago though, he has become a self-proclaimed devoted husband and dad.

“I’m stunned that Penny has kept me around for 20 years,” he told the Daily Mirror last year. “They have not invented the words for how I feel about her. She is everything.”

However, thrice-married Rod does admit that getting all eight of his brood together is no easy feat.

“They always have plans,” the Maggie May singer said. “So I say, ‘If you don’t come, it is coming out of your inheritance’. So they show up.”

Should Rod Stewart have helped his family with the washing up?

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