The one food Jamie Oliver suggests cutting out to save big bucks at the supermarket checkout

Renowned chef Jamie Oliver has shared his insights into which food to ditch in order to save money on groceries. Source: Getty Images.

While visiting Australia, renowned British chef and restaurateur, Jamie Oliver has shared his advice on which type of food people should eliminate from their grocery bills in order to combat soaring living costs.

Speaking to, Oliver was forthright on the type of food people are wasting their money on.

“No one would believe me but it’s processed food,” he said.

“It’s a really expensive way to get your food. It might seem convenient and cheap but actually it doesn’t really help.

“If you can cook, if you can batch cook, you can make food for like a tenth of the price, half the price easily.”

Processed foods encompass a wide range of products that have been altered from their natural state through various methods. Examples include canned goods, packaged snacks, frozen foods, baked goods, instant foods, processed meats, condiments, cereals, soft drinks, sweetened beverages, and fast foods.

The 48 year-old was in Australia to celebrate his ten-year anniversary with Royal Caribbean Cruises where he currently has eight onboard restaurants.

Known for his accessible and down-to-earth approach to cooking, he has also been involved in discussions about food policy, nutrition, and public health.

With countless recipe books under his belt, his work extends beyond the kitchen into the realms of education and advocacy for healthier lifestyles.

When prompted to creat a meal within a $10 budget, he suggested that pasta would be the go-to choice.

“Probably it’s going to be some pasta isn’t it? It’s going to be some tomatoes, it’s going to be some herbs, it’s definitely going to be a little bit of chilli, and of course some olive oil,” Oliver said.

This is not surprising considering some of the pasta dishes on his cruise menu are his favourite.

“They’re cooked with incredible seafood classics like carbonara,” he revealed.

“That’s my happy place, just getting into that corner, with a little salad, little bowl of pasta, a little glass of wine,” he said as has pointed to a table with a water view.”

While in the land Down Under, Oliver was quizzed by a Today Show presenter on which Aussie treat he prefers, Vegemite toast or a Tim Tam.

A confused Oliver acknowledged he knew about Vegemite but was a little nonplussed about Tim Tams.

He asked, “What’s that in English? What did you just say?”

“Ah, Vegemite toast. What’s a Tim Tam? What is it, it sounds like some terrible rash,” he said.

On being offered a Tim Tam a bit later, an intrigued Oliver was impressed.

After having a bite he said, “Very, very nice … I will never forget this moment.”

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