‘The light has finally been shone’: US Government accused of ‘covering up’ the truth about UFOs

Aug 27, 2022
The US Government has been accused of cover up proof of extraterrestrial existence. Source: Getty

The Government of the United States of America has been accused of hiding the truth regarding Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) and extraterrestrial life.

After decades of reports of the unexplained being slammed as nothing more than mere fantasy, true believers have been vindicated after a 7News Spotlight report presented irrefutable evidence from whistleblowers.

Politicians and scientists have openly accused the US government of a large-scale “active cover up”, saying the government has been intentionally misleading and mocking believers of the phenomenon, despite firmly taking the matter of extraterrestrials seriously themselves.

World-renowned immunologist Professor Garry Nolan has worked with the CIA, researching the ramifications that UFOs (commonly referred to as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)) have on intelligence and military personnel.

Nolan says he “knows” without a doubt that there’s been a cover up.

“I’ve spoken to the people who are about to come out and whistle blow on it,” he said.

“There’s been an active cover up. The light has finally been shone (on the perpetrators).

“I know this all sounds absolutely crazy, but if you’ve seen the things that I’ve seen, you would only be able to come to a similar conclusion.”

Nolan believes the new laws being discussed at Congress to release forgotten or buried evidence of UAPs, including demanding lists of non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and public hearings for whistleblowers to come forward, is all the evidence that’s needed to prove the government has been lying.

The Professor said the NDAs provide compelling evidence.

“Why is that interesting?” he says.

“It’s not the NDAs themselves. It’s the people who signed the NDAs because that then is the paper trail to the individuals and the programs in which they’re associated.”

Congress is demanding evidence that dates back to the infamous 1947 conspiracy theory that a UFO had crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, a theory the US Air Force vehemently denies.

Republican Congressman Tim Burchett agreed with Nolan, saying the world “frankly deserves to know”. Burchett says the information he now has from insider eyewitness briefings, should become public knowledge.

“I think there’s a cover up,” Burchett said.

The Congressman says the data shows the public believes the US Government aren’t being open and honest about extraterrestrial life.

“If you look at polling data, it actually shows the majority of people think that there is something going on,” he said.

The US Government’s decision to discredit public belief in aliens and their technology began 70 years ago when the now de-classified Robertson Panel report stated that the CIA supported the motion to “strip” the phenomena of its “aura of mystery.”

“The debunking aim would result in reduction in public interest in ‘flying saucers’ which today evoke a strong psychological reaction. This education could be accomplished by mass media such [as] television, motion pictures and popular articles,” the report reads.

“Basis of such education would be actual case histories which had been puzzling at first but later explained.

“As in the case of conjuring tricks, there is much less stimulation if the ‘secret’ is known. Such a program should tend to reduce the current gullibility of the public and consequently their susceptibility to clever hostile propaganda.”

Perhaps following Congress’ new laws, the world may soon know the truth on whether the US Government is in possession of unexplained, advanced technologies, including extraterrestrial bodies.

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