Sunrise host David Koch caught in the middle of ‘out of control’ scams

Jan 11, 2023
Kochie warns of latest scams using his likeness. Source: Getty

Sunrise host David ‘Kochie’ Koch has been caught at the center of an onslaught of “out of control” scams.

The TV presenter took to Instagram to share his frustrations and warn people of the current scams illegally using his likeness, one under the guise of  “the scandal that left everybody shocked” and the other claiming to know how the financial expert makes money.


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“Beware… 2023 and the financial scams keep on coming more than ever,” he said.

“The one on the left came up on @realestateaus as I was scrolling the site. The one on the right was sent to me yesterday from @instagram .

“They are scams trying to con you by illegally using my image and attributing fictitious comments to me.”

The breakfast show host issues regular warnings of the different scams going around, but noted that lately there has been a “plague” of scammers using his name and likeness.


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In October 2022, Kochie notified the ACCC of a scam promising to reveal how the TV presenter said you can profit from crisis.

“Scam warning; if this is hitting your inbox beware it is a scam. I have referred it to @acccproductsafety,” he wrote on social media.

However, it seems the scams don’t stop at targeting Australians as Kochie has been sent similar scams from friends in the UK.


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“These scammers are getting out of control,” he said.

“My daughter’s friend in the UK was checking her weather app of all things… and up pops a scam ad. BEWARE. They are getting to plague proportions.”

Fans and viewers of the trusted Australian presenter have been grateful for Kochie’s regular reminders to stay vigilant against scammers.

“Yes l got a email saying u highly recommend it l remember what U said on Sunrise for years never believe those scams. So l didn’t but feel Government needs to do more to stop those scams but there doing there best,” one fan commented.

“Thank you Koshie, this has been happening for awhile now. I am glad you have addressed this to protect people from being robbed/scammed,” said another.

“I actually read one before and it’s a pic of you behind bars and another being arrested but your image is all blurred out. So i got googling and yep a scam,” someone else said.


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