‘So scary that this can happen’: Tracy Grimshaw takes on scammers exploiting her likeness

Dec 16, 2023
Source: Getty Images.

Renowned journalist and former host of A Current Affair, Tracy Grimshaw, has taken to social media to expose a devious scam that has been circulating and using her likeness to deceive unsuspecting victims.

Grimshaw, who made a name for herself by exposing dodgy tradies and scams on A Current Affair, expressed her disappointment at the audacity of those behind the fraudulent activities.

In a message posted on her official social media accounts, Grimshaw warned her followers about the scam, urging them to stay vigilant and avoid falling victim to the cunning ploy. The scam, which appears to be spreading rapidly, involves fraudsters using Grimshaw’s image to promote weight loss products.

“Let me say it again. **This is a scam*** I’m not flogging gummies. I have zero sponsorship or advertising deals with anybody. Zero. So I’m not flogging anything. Ever. The online video on Instagram and FB that this screengrab comes from includes AI generated images and voiceover purporting to be me,” she wrote.

“It’s a fraud. Do not be taken in by this please. I salute the efforts of Gina Rinehart and Dick Smith who are now bringing their considerable intellectual and financial clout to petitioning Mark Zuckerberg to step up and shut down these scams that are defrauding millions of people around the world at a time of high inflation and economic hardship.”


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Fans and followers of Grimshaw were quick to respond, expressing their gratitude for her vigilance and warning.

“Well said Tracey! It is a disgrace that Facebook TikTok and insta allow this,” one fan commented.

“It’s so disappointing how these crooks get away with it.”

“Well said Tracey! Thanks for speaking out.”

“So scary that this can happen and even more so that people believe it,” another commented.

“This is getting out of hand! You tell em trace!”

This isn’t the first time Grimshaw has gone head to head with scammers, earlier this year the veteran journalist alerted followers to a similar scam that depicted her holding a packet of ‘keto gummies’ with a cheerful expression.

The fraudulent ad included a fabricated quote falsely attributed to Grimshaw, endorsing the effectiveness of the diet pills.

“A friend just told me about this dodgy gummies ad. Please don’t be taken in by it, it’s a scam,” she wrote at the time.

Grimshaw’s unwavering dedication to shining a spotlight on wrongdoings, both on and off the screen, proves once again that she is not just a formidable journalist but a vigilant protector of the public’s interests.

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