Simon Dorante-Day launches new legal bid to force Charles and Camilla to ‘own up’

Apr 10, 2024
As King Charles and Queen Camilla plan their upcoming Australian tour in late 2024, Dorante-Day is cooking up a plan of his own. Source: Getty Images/ Facebook: @simondoranteday.

Simon Dorante-Day, the Queensland man who has long maintained that he is the alleged secret love child of King Charles and Queen Camilla, has disclosed details of his latest legal bid to prove his royal parentage.

Dorante-Day has maintained claims of his royal lineage since 2005, asserting that he was born to King Charles and Camilla as teenagers and was put up for adoption when he was eight months old.

Now as King Charles and Queen Camilla plan their upcoming Australian tour in late 2024, Dorante-Day is cooking up a plan of his own to take the royal pair to court once they step on Aussie soil, urging them to undergo a paternity test.

“What [legal action] am I going to do this time? Well, I’d be a very silly person that when he comes into the same jurisdiction as me not to do something,” Dorante-Day told 7 News.

“But I think I’d be even sillier to let that cat out of the bag right now.

“You know, there’s always something going on in the background here at our place. It never stops. People think just because it goes quiet on Facebook, [the case] is quiet, but it doesn’t. We’re hammering in the background.”

Dorante-Day is playing his card close to his chest regarding his new plans out of fear that the authorities will take action to halt his efforts.

“I made a move in the Family Court to have a meeting with them, get the Family Court to order them to have a meeting with us in private while they were here,” he said.

“And that got shut down for reasons that I could very easily argue.

“What usually happens is that I get contacted, and they do it a number of ways. They did it when I was working for the government.

“I got a phone call and it was asking what my movements were when they were coming to the Gold Coast for the Commonwealth Games. [They said],‘We’re not going to tell you to stay away but you’re not going there are you?”

Despite prior roadblocks, Dorante-Day remains resolute in his belief that he will ultimately acquire DNA evidence from Charles and Camilla, substantiating his claim to royal parentage.

“I’m 100 per cent confident that I will have the answers to this and the truth out there,” he said.

“I’m not doing all this to be a Facebook character. And I’ve had to learn to do this and objectionably at times, because we were private people.

“These accusations that I’m doing this for money? Yeah, right, okay. And I’m doing it for fame? None is true.

“All we want is the truth. All we want him to do is tell the truth, and her, Camilla as well. They both need to own up.”

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