‘She loved it when things went wrong’: Queen Elizabeth’s mischievous side revealed

Apr 17, 2024
These insights offer us a peek into the Queen's personal side, revealing a side of her character rarely seen by the public. Source: Getty Images.

In a revelation that offered a rare glimpse into the more playful side of Queen Elizabeth II, her former aide, Samantha Cohen, has disclosed that the late monarch enjoyed when things didn’t go as planned.

Speaking to The Herald Sun, Cohen, who dedicated 17 years of service to the Queen, painted an entertaining picture of Her Majesty’s reaction to life’s mishaps.

“The Queen had no ego, she was so comfortable in herself, yet she loved it when things went wrong,” Cohen revealed.

“If a cake was not cutting or a plaque didn’t unveil, because everything was so perfectly organized, it spiced her life up when things went wrong.”

Reflecting on her time as the Queen’s aide, Cohen expressed her fondness for the experiences she shared with Her Majesty.

“I loved, loved, loved the job as the Queen’s assistant private secretary. They were happy times because the Queen was in great form,” she said.

Cohen’s insights offer us a peek into the Queen’s personal side, revealing a side of her character rarely seen by the public. It shows us that she was just like us, finding happiness and fun in life’s surprises, even with all her royal duties.

The revelations shared by Cohen aren’t the only insights into the Queen’s more personal side that have been shared with the public.

Ingrid Seward’s latest royal biography, My Mother and I, opened a window into Queen Elizabeth II’s private opinions about her son, King Charles, shedding light on a side of the Royal Family that often remains hidden from the public eye.

According to Seward, the late Queen often grew frustrated with Charles, particularly his perceived lack of “sympathy” for those experiencing hardships.

Despite Charles’s unselfish nature, the Monarch believed his privileged lifestyle had made him somewhat “inconsiderate” when it came to the suffering of others.

“The Queen never understood Charles’ pampered lifestyle and found it rather mystifying, as by nature Charles is not a selfish man, but a life of being deferred to often stopped him considering others,” Steward wrote in the book.

Seward also disclosed that the Queen once believed that Princess Diana was “far better suited” to Prince Andrew than to her eldest son, Charles.

According to Seward, Queen Elizabeth had just two concerns regarding the blossoming relationship between Diana and Charles.

One reservation was whether the young Diana “could differentiate between the man and the prince”. The second, and more intriguingly, was the monarch’s belief that “the Spencer girl would be far better suited to her younger son, Andrew”.

Reflecting on what could have been, the revelation that Queen Elizabeth once considered Diana a better match for Prince Andrew raises intriguing questions about the dynamics of the Royal Family.


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