‘Sad to see’: Environmental activists trigger outrage after defacing iconic work of art

Jan 29, 2024
Online reactions quickly poured in, with many expressing disbelief and condemnation of the activists' actions. Source: AP PHOTO.

In a shocking act of protest, two environmental activists targeted the world-famous Mona Lisa in the Louvre, igniting a storm of criticism and anger from the global community.

The incident, captured in a video posted on social media, shows the two women throwing soup onto the protective glass covering Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, much to the gasps and dismay of onlooking visitors.

The video clip shared widely on X (formerly Twitter), reveals one of the activists removing her jacket to unveil a T-shirt with the slogan “Riposte alimentaire” (food fightback).

Amid the chaos, she shouted, “What is more important, art or the right to healthy and sustainable food?”

“Our farming system is sick. Our farmers are dying at work,” she added.

French Culture Minister Rachida Dati swiftly condemned the act, emphasising the cultural significance of the Mona Lisa.

“Nothing can justify it becoming a target,” she wrote on X.

Online reactions quickly poured in, with many expressing disbelief and condemnation of the activists’ actions.

The recent protest activity echoes a previous incident where protestors poured milk on supermarket floors in the UK to promote a plant-based lifestyle, both instances drawing a similar angry reaction from the public, including outspoken broadcaster Piers Morgan.

The footage shows protesters from Animal Rebellion taking milk from supermarket shelves and pouring it across the floor in order to promote a plant-based lifestyle.

“Milk Pours are currently happening across the UK,” Animal Rebellion said in a statement at the time.

“All are concerned individuals calling on the government to give us a liveable future, a #PlantBasedFuture.

“Here’s the latest milk pour happening in Edinburgh Waitrose.”

The footage received a mixed response from the public with some supporting the activity while others slammed the group’s activity.

Morgan certainly fell into the latter category, taking the group to task over their behaviour and questioning their intentions.

“You’re not ‘concerned individuals’ – you’re pathetic attention-seeking morons,” he said.

-with AP.

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