Piers Morgan savages ‘pathetic attention seeking’ activists for shocking stunt

Oct 20, 2022
Source: Getty Images.

Outspoken British media personality Piers Morgan has blasted animal activists in the United Kingdom after footage emerged of shocking protest activity taking place across the country’s supermarkets.

The footage shows protesters from Animal Rebellion taking milk from supermarket shelves and pouring it across the floor in order to promote a plant-based lifestyle.

“Milk Pours are currently happening across the UK,” Animal Rebellion said in a statement.

“All are concerned individuals calling on the government to give us a liveable future, a #PlantBasedFuture.

“Here’s the latest milk pour happening in Edinburgh Waitrose.”

The footage and the ongoing protest action has recevied a mixed response from the public with some supporting the activity while other have slammed the group’s actvity.

Morgan certainly fell into the latter category, taking the group to task over their behaviour and questioning their intentions.

“You’re not ‘concerned individuals’ – you’re pathetic attention-seeking morons,” he said.

Many took to social media to join Morgan in slamming the protesters, with some left surprised that they were agreeing with the outspoken television host.

Morgan’s recent tirade against Animal Rebellion activists stands out as a break from his ongoing vitriol for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Morgan recently slammed Markle for referring to herself as a Princess, saying she’s exploiting the titles she and Prince Harry walked away from.

“She calls herself a princess on her podcast – little girls who grow up to make a real princess,” he said to his guests.

“You’re not a princess, you’re not a princess in any way.

“They do it quite deliberately to fuel the interest and commercial entities, and really the interest is based on them trashing their family.

“I mean without that, I’m not sure what we’re interested in, we don’t want to hear their woke homilies about life, do we?”

Morgan said the Duke and Duchess “trade-off their titles” and family “trashing” to generate income.

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