Thomas Markle reveals secret plan to confront Prince Harry and Meghan

Apr 29, 2022
Markle admitted he didn't think the royal couple would attend the celebrations if they caught wind of his intentions to visit. Source: @thecelebpost_tcp/Instagram

Thomas Markle has once again made headlines after he recently revealed his plans to fly to the United Kingdom for Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee in June.

In a recent interview with GB News, Markle admitted he intended to meet with Prince Charles and Meghan and their two young children in the hopes of potentially repairing his relationship with the ex-royal couple.

“I would like to meet with Prince Charles and thank him for walking my daughter down the aisle, and also to meet and talk with him because I think we have a lot in common now. We’ve pretty much both been ghosted by our children,” Markle told GB News.

“We admire them and we want them to know that’s how we feel about them and that’s how we feel about England.”


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No stranger to holding his estranged daughter publicly accountable, Markle went on to criticise Harry and Meghan’s recent visit with the Queen and their decision not to bring their children with them.

“Not bringing the children was like another slap in the face to the Queen,” Markle said.

“It was very rude and the wrong thing to do. It makes no sense at all… I don’t know if it’s Meghan or if it’s Harry but the Queen should have every right to see her great-grandchildren and I should have the right to see my grandchildren. So if they show up I hope they bring the kids.”

Markle admitted he didn’t think Harry and Meghan would attend the celebrations if they caught wind of his intentions to visit.

“I’m getting the feeling that if they know I’m coming, they won’t be coming. But if they do come I would love to reach out, speak with them and try to figure out what was wrong and how we can repair it,” he said.

“I don’t see that happening. But I certainly would like to try.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently visited the Queen in Windsor on Thursday, April 14, ahead of their attendance at the Invictus Games in The Netherlands. The ‘secret’ visit caused an uproar among royal fans and family alike, with many dubbing the short-lived solo visit as disrespectful and insensitive to the Monarch.

While speaking with the BBC on Monday, April, 18 about the upcoming Invictus Games, Harry mentioned that “it was great to see her (the Queen)” during his recent visit.

“She had plenty of messages for Team UK, which I have already passed on to most of them,” he said.

“I’m sure she would love to be here if she could.”

The surprise meeting is understood to have helped mend tensions between Harry and the Royal family as The Telgraph reports Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now set to attend the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Platinum Jubilee celebrations will run between between June 2 to June 5 at Buckingham Palace to commemorate the Queen’s 70 year reign on the throne.

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