The subtle and touching ways the Princess of Wales has paid tribute to the Queen

Sep 16, 2022
Kate Middleton has made a subtle tributes to Queen Elizabeth II through her choice of jewellery. Source: Getty

Since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, Catherine, the new Princess of Wales, has made several subtle nods to the late Monarch through her outfits.

On Thursday, September 15, Kate and her husband, Prince William, made a special trip to the Queen’s Sandringham home to greet the thousands of mourners who have gathered to pay their respects to the late Monarch.

Prince William, Prince of Wales and Catherine, Princess of Wales view the floral tributes at the Queen’s Sandringham estate. Source: Getty

Kate respectfully wore an all-black mourning attire for the outing, which included a long pleated black skirt, a simple black top, and a long black coat.

However, it’s the Princess’s accessories that have caught the attention of eagle-eyed royal watchers, with some pointing out that Kate’s small black purse and jewellery were subtle nods to the Queen.

Prior to her death, Her Majesty was often seen in public engagements with her black purse in tow, and as per 9Honey, the late Monarch had used it as a way to send subtle messages to her staff.

According to the publication, the Queen would indicate to staff she was ready to leave when she placed her purse on top of the dining table. If it was on the floor, it was a signal for one of her ladies-in-waiting to get her out of an unwanted conversation.

Kate was also spotted wearing pearl earrings that had once belonged to the Queen, the same ones the late Monarch wore to her 1977 Silver Jubilee celebrations.

Since Her Majesty’s passing, the Princess of Wales has been spotted wearing pearls from Queen Elizabeth II’s jewellery collection.

Per The Telegraph, this is because these gems are considered the traditional mourning jewellery for the royal family as they are “seen to represent tears”.

Kate was previously spotted wearing a similar three-strand pearl necklace that Queen Elizabeth II wore when she attended the funeral of her husband Prince Philip, who passed away in 2021.

But the Princess of Wales’ choice to wear pearls also holds sentimental meaning, as the gems were known to be the Queen’s favourite.

Arseiny Budrevich, the founder of Budrevich Fine Jewellery Studio, tells Express the Queen loved pearls because they “represent the aristocratic virtues of liberality, magnificence and generosity”, and symbolise “purity” and “chastity.”

“Pearls have been associated with class, elegance and sophistication since the Ptolemaic dynasty in ancient Egypt, where the royal family wore pearls to show their status,” he said


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Before their trip to Norfolk, Kate and William attended the Queen’s procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster where Kate made a sweet homage to the beloved Monarch by wearing a diamond and pearl leaf brooch- another piece from the Queen’s collection- as a nod to Her Majesty’s life and unwavering service.

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