Princess Mary’s kids mock her Aussie accent

Mar 19, 2022
Princess Mary's children don't feature heavily in the public eye so the video came as a welcome surprise for many Danish royal fans. Source: Getty

Crown Princess Mary’s children have mocked their mother’s Aussie accent in a recent TV appearance in honour of the Princess’s 50th birthday.

In the video, posted to the official Danish royal Instagram and reposted in part by Women’s Weekly in English, Princess Mary’s children poked fun at their mother’s accent, describing it as “funny”.

Mary’s eldest daughter, Princess Isabella, 14, explained “she has an Australian accent so there are some words she pronounces a little bit funny,” she said.

Next up, Mary’s younger daughter, Princess Josephine, 11, demonstrated how her mother pronounces words, sounding out her misuse of syllables.

Mary’s youngest son and twin to Josephine, Prince Vincent, 11, revealed she said the word “small” and “apple” differently to the Danes, revealing how his mother tries to pronounce her words correctly when pulled up by the kids, but that she failed dismally at the task.

“And then she tries to pronounce it again but it doesn’t help even though we tell her how to pronounce it,” Vincent said.

“And then the whole family tease her because she can’t pronounce it, even though she says ‘Yes Yes, I pronounce it properly'”, added Princess Isabelle, laughing lightly at her mother’s expense.

Putting the playful jibes aside, the four children then went on to describe what they admired most about their mother.

“Who is my mother? She is very passionate about her work,” said Christian.

“I can sense that she is very enthusiastic.

“I admire my mother most for what she does for others and for us.”

Daughters Isabelle and Josephine described their mother’s loving and caring personality, even in difficult situations.

“She gives is a lot of love”, said Josephine.

“Sometimes when we are mad at each other she comes and helps us sort things out.”

“If you have difficulties with something or if it’s been a hard day in school, she’s always good to talk through things with us,” said Isabelle.

Young Vincent even admitted he could share secrets with his mother, commenting on his mother’s trusting personality and ability to connect with her children.

Princess Mary’s children don’t feature heavily in the public eye so the video came as a welcome surprise for many Danish royal fans. Last month, February 5, stunning portraits of Princess Mary and husband Prince Frederik and their children were posted to the official Danish royal Instagram, with the family sporting all-white attire, giving fans a rare and intimate look at the happy household.

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