Royal expert claims ‘no way back’ for Prince William and Prince Harry 

One royal expert says there is no way back for feuding princes Harry and William while Prince Harry takes Invictus Games to new heights in Dusseldorf. Source: Getty Images

With Prince Harry’s 39th birthday come and gone with no public wishes from his estranged brother, William the Prince of Wales, it seems there is “no way back” for the feuding brothers according to one royal expert.

Prince Harry celebrated his birthday on September 15, and to date, there have been no wishes of goodwill, most notably from his brother and king-in-waiting, Prince William.

Members of The Firm often make a point of celebrating the birthdays of royal family members through their various social media accounts, this year however, there were no words of celebration for Prince Harry from his brother on his big day.

Many theorise that the silence could be due to the ongoing tensions between the Sussexes and the rest of the family but others surmise that The Firm may not want any public messaging to be “overanalysed” by the public and are just simply avoiding a tricky situation.

Weighing in on the matter, royal expert Jennie Bond told Fabulous magazine there is “no way back” between the Prince of Wales and Duke of Sussex.

“There is no way back for the brothers … because of these entrenched positions and the fact Harry has visited the UK without either of them, as far as we know, lifting a finger to phone or text or meet up,” Bond claimed.

Bond added that brothers are “very much done” with each other.

“I don’t think Harry would be expecting a message or a fanfare on his birthday anyway … I think William and Harry are very much done with each other for now,” she said.

Whether Prince William is remiss or not for neglecting to publicly wish his little brother a happy birthday has been overshadowed by Prince Harry’s resounding success at the Invictus Games which took place from 9 to 16 September.

Writing for News AU, arguably the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s staunchest critic, Daniela Elser declared the event a “roaring success”.

Founded by Prince Harry, who served in the British Army for ten years and undertook two tours of Afghanistan, the Invictus Games are a Paralympic-style sports event established to aid the rehabilitation of service members and veterans by giving them the opportunity to compete.

Elser applauded Prince Harry for successfully pulling off the event which was held in Dusseldorf, Germany, and noted how the sports event boasted “full stadiums and roaring crowds”.

She wrote: “For much of this week I’ve been in Invictus Games mode, knee-deep in the never-ending tide of photos, videos and social media posts streaming out of Dusseldörf as this year’s sporting event plays out to full stadiums and roaring crowds.”

“I have no idea how to say “huge bloody success” in German, but let’s imagine I do,” she joked.

Elser continued to extol the Prince’s efforts.

“Here we have a bloke who is to charity what Stradivarius was to a violin or Marie Curie to a beaker set; a man who has created something unquestionably great, an event that has changed, and will continue to change, an untold number of lives,” she said.



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