Palace cold shoulder: The Royal Family’s silent treatment on Prince Harry’s birthday

Sep 17, 2023
While the Royal Family remained silent, fans and well-wishers from across the globe took to social media to mark Harry's birthday. Source: Getty Images.

A few days have passed since Prince Harry marked his 39th birthday, yet there hasn’t been a single public birthday wish from the Royal Family.

Unlike previous years when the Royal Family would publicly acknowledge birthdays via their social media accounts, this time, there was a noticeable absence of well-wishes from senior royals, leaving Prince Harry’s birthday unacknowledged.

Prince Harry has been in the spotlight for his strained relationship with his family, particularly with King Charles and Prince William. His decision, along with his wife Meghan Markle, to step back from their senior royal roles intensified the rift.

They added further fuel to the fire with a series of high-profile interviews and a Netflix documentary where they laid bare their grievances which included being unable to contend with relentless media scrutiny and the lack of support from other members of the royal camp.

Many speculate the ongoing tension between Harry and his family is the reason for the Royal Family’s radio silence.

While the Royal Family failed to acknowledge his birthday, those in attendance for the sixth edition of his Invictus Games made a point to celebrate Harry’s big day, the crowd singing Happy Birthday to him. Prince Harry loved the song and gave a thumbs-up, while Meghan beamed as she sat beside him.

The birthday wishes were not just confined to the stands of the Invictus Games, with fans and well-wishers from across the globe taking to social media to mark Harry’s birthday.

In addition to his appearance at the Invictus Games, Harry kicked off his birthday celebrations on Thursday, September 14 when he and Meghan enjoyed dinner at the Brauerei Schumacher restaurant with friends.

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