Royal author paints a grim picture of Prince Harry’s future

Dec 13, 2023
Although the threat of drifting into obscurity lingers, Tippet suggests there is still hope for Harry to turn the tide and find meaning in his post royal life. Source: Getty Images.

A prominent royal author has cast a shadow over Prince Harry’s future, painting a less than optimistic picture of the challenges that may lie ahead for the Duke of Sussex.

Author of Once A King: The Lost Memoir of Edward VIII, Jane Marguerite Tippett has drawn intriguing parallels between the life of the Duke of Sussex and that of the Duke of Windsor. Notably, the latter abdicated the throne in pursuit of love with Wallis Simpson. Tippett suggests that these uncanny similarities might serve as an early indication of the path that lies ahead for the 39-year-old Prince.

“I think it will be a future of less and less importance in terms of who he is,” Tippett told 9Honey.

“Edward had been a Prince of Wales for 25 years, he had been a king emperor – the aura of that lasted most of his life, but even by the end of it he was of course a much less consequential figure than he was say in 1938 or ’39, when memories of him as the most important royal in the world were still very fresh.

“Prince Harry had a career of about five years as a working royal, this is so short.

“I think what you’ll find is that his importance is derived from the institution. The longer [Harry] is away from that institution, the less important he will be because he only has a position in relation to that.”

Harry’s departure from the Royal Family in 2020, commonly referred to as “Megxit”, signaled a major shift in the traditional dynamics of the Monarchy. Alongside Meghan Markle, Harry sought a more independent and private life, distancing himself from the intense media scrutiny that had been a constant presence throughout his life.

The decision was accompanied by revelations in a 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey, where the couple candidly discussed their struggles within the royal institution. The interview shed light on the challenges they faced and strained relationships within the family, sparking widespread public discussion.

Since stepping back, Prince Harry’s ties with the Royal Family have appeared strained, with reports of tensions surfacing. While occasional public appearances hint at attempts at reconciliation, the distance remains palpable. The evolving dynamics continue to captivate public interest, leaving questions about both the future of his relationship with the family and his life in the public eye.

Although the threat of drifting into obscurity lingers, Tippet suggests there is still hope for Harry to turn the tide and find meaning in his post royal life.

“But I think it will require a lot of strategic decisions, which at the moment they’re not making because it still seems it’s all about the past, their royal past rather than a future because in a sense, the past is all they have to trade on,” she explained.

“So, to be honest, I think it doesn’t bode well.

“I think in order to be a successful exile, you probably have to really adopt [to your new life] … The life [Edward] adopted was a sort of semi-royal life and a semi-royal court, which was always unfulfilling because it was a model of what he didn’t have.

“So I think that’s really the lesson of exile – if you’re gonna do it, then you have to just basically break.

“And I think the Sussexes have made clear that they’re not able to totally do that because they have to monetise the past in order to keep generating revenue.”

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