‘Retirement is not in my vocabulary’: Legendary rocker Rod Stewart will not be stopped

Feb 26, 2024
It's clear that for Rod Stewart, the stage is where he belongs. Source: AP PHOTO.

In the grand arena of music, age is merely a number, and no one embodies such a sentiment better than legendary singer, Rod Stewart.

At 79, Stewart is showing no indication of slowing down as he barrels into 2024 with a schedule that would surely exhaust performers half his age.

The iconic singer has a number of milestones to celebrate this year, with the grandest perhaps being his 200th show at his Las Vegas residency. For those who thought he might take a well deserved break after reaching such a monumental number, think again. Stewart is on a world tour that refuses to ease up, taking his music to fans around the globe.

But the pièce de résistance of his year is undoubtedly the announcement of a new swing album, Swing Fever.

Collaborating with the illustrious Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, Stewart is set to transport audiences back to the golden era of Big Band music. The album promises to be a melodic journey, featuring timeless tunes like Pennies From Heaven, Lullaby of Broadway, and Sentimental Journey.

In a recent interview with the Associated Press, the inevitable question about retirement came up. Stewart, however, dismissed the notion entirely, stating, “I mean it wouldn’t be for me to judge, but I imagine if people stop buying tickets for concerts and don’t buy records anymore maybe that’s a sign.”

“I don’t know. The word retirement is not in my vocabulary at the moment because I’m enjoying myself,” he added.

Addressing concerns about his health, given a scare a few years back, Stewart stressed the importance of staying active and maintaining good health practices.

“It’s all part of getting older. My thoughts at the moment are with our King who’s got some sort of cancer,” he shared.

“But I’ve made a promise to myself since I was really young. I’ve always played soccer, and I still do. I play with my kids as well. I keep myself really fit. I work out a bit. I’m mad about nutrition, watching my weight and everything.

“So I do work at it, and I think that helps a lot. And do your due diligence. You know, men are notorious for not wanting to go to the doctors. You should.”

When asked about any concerns he may have regarding his health, the music legend displayed a pragmatic attitude but admitted it does weigh on his mind more as he gets older.

“I’m not obsessed by it. I mean, none of us want to pass on,” he explained.

“You do think about that as you get older, but not in a morbid way. I’m not frightened of dying, but I’m just enjoying myself so much. I feel absolutely privileged to be doing what I’m doing.”

It’s clear that for Stewart, the stage is where he belongs.

As long as the music continues and the fans keep cheering, Stewart will undoubtedly keep singing and swinging his way through the years, proving that age is just a number for this legendary performer.

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