Queen Mary opens up in a candid interview alongside Frederik

In her first interview since ascending the throne Queen Mary has admitted to feeling "overwhelmed" at times. Source: Getty Images.

Despite years of preparation, the reality of ruling a nation has proved to be a daunting task for Australian-born Queen Mary of Denmark.

In her first interview since ascending the throne alongside husband King Frederik X in January this year, the Queen has admitted to feeling “overwhelmed” at times.

The new Danish King and Queen ascended the throne shortly after King Frederik’s mother, Queen Margrethe and Europe’ longest serving monarch, unexpectedly abdicated.

The former Queen cited successful back surgery as the factor which prompted her decision to leave the throne to her son, then Crown Prince Frederik.

About her sudden announcement, made during her traditional New Year’s Eve speech, she said: “The surgery naturally gave rise to thinking about the future – whether the time had come to leave the responsibility to the next generation,

“I have decided that now is the right time. On 14 January 2024 – 52 years after I succeeded my beloved father – I will step down as queen of Denmark.”

Since then it’s been a whirlwind of activity for the new Danish monarchs who recently moved their official residence to the Royal Yacht Dannebrog for the European summer.

News.com.au reported that during a recent interview, Queen Mary admitted to feeling overwhelmed at times since becoming Queen.

“It is very new and there are many changes and decisions,” she admitted.

But the big change has also left her brimming with pride for her husband.

Speaking directly to Frederik she said, “I stood with the children and when you stepped out onto the balcony towards your fate, it was a moment that moved me incredibly much.”

“We could hear and feel it, even if we couldn’t see it. It was a beautiful moment. I was both very happy and very proud.”

Queen Margrethe’s sudden abdication came two months after rumours of infidelity began to circulate about the now King and Mexican socialite, Genoveva Casanova.

It’s thought the move was the Danish royal family’s attempt at damage control however the King and Queen have appeared as solid and united as ever since then.

In their joint interview, Frederik told the reporter, “It is a great pleasure to board the Dannebrog.”

“We have embarked on our calling and our work, which symbolically happens with this action on the royal ship. It is very special,” he added.

Frederik also admitted that his proclamation was “overwhelming and moving.”

“I felt extremely well received. The highlight was when Mary and the children came out and stood right behind me and I had the Danes standing in front of me and waving,” he said.

“It was one of the most amazing things to experience in my life.”

In his surprise book, Kongeord (The King’s Word), which was also launched in January, the newly crowned Monarch shed light on his personal journey to the throne as well as paid tribute to his Tasmania-born wife.

“I love marriage, my wife, our children and the whole happy base that arises for the people who manage to stay together and persevere,” he wrote.

While the demands of being Denmark’s new rulers may be challenging, Queen Mary and King Frederik will no doubt be able to overcome the trials and tribulations of life on the royal throne if they continue strengthening their marriage and presenting a united front.




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