Queen Mary and King Frederik enjoy ‘special’ royal outing together

Mar 07, 2024
Fan reactions to the "lovely pictures" of the royal pair poured in, with compliments for the beautiful cathedral and admiration for the youthful and charming royal couple. Source: Getty Images.

In a majestic celebration of Denmark’s rich history and the unfolding of a new chapter, King Frederik X and Queen Mary recently embarked on a “special” royal outing.

The intimate excursion took the royal couple to Roskilde Cathedral on the picturesque island of Zealand in eastern Denmark. The couple immersed themselves in the grandeur of the cathedral, an iconic symbol of the Danish monarchy’s enduring legacy.

Capturing the special outing, images were shared on the Danish royal house’s official Instagram account, portraying King Frederik with his arm wrapped around Mary.

“A special royal tale…,” the couple wrote alongside the photos.

“It was a bit like getting the past really close, when we visited Roskilde Cathedral yesterday afternoon.

“The impressive cathedral covers a royal time journey of over 500 years. From the beautiful Chapel of the Holy Three Kings with impressive tombstone for Christian 3. and Frederick 2. , over Christian 4. s magnificent tomb chapel and relatively modest coffin for the Glücksborgernes Chapel, where Christian 9. and also Frederick the 8th and Christian 10. and their queens are buried.

“The visit was no less lively because we had Thomas Thulstrup, museum director in the Collection of Kings, with us again as a committed tour guide.

“Our history and culture is an important part of who we are. We can read about it and read up on it, but it is still something very special to walk around in it, as we did yesterday afternoon in the cathedral.”

Fan reactions to the “lovely pictures” of the royal pair poured in, with compliments for the beautiful cathedral and admiration for the youthful and charming royal couple.

“Lovely pictures from an incredibly beautiful cathedral. Lovely young and beautiful royal couple,” one wrote.

“Lovely to see our King & Queen in normal everyday clothes,” commented another.

“You are so sweet.”

“Love seeing them together.”

The ascension of Frederik and Australian-born Mary to the throne unfolded earlier in the year, marking a significant transition for Denmark.

This momentous shift in leadership transpired after Queen Margrethe II, Europe’s longest-serving monarch, announced her abdication during her New Year’s Eve speech. The transition culminated in a ceremony at Christiansborg Castle, where Queen Margrethe II passed the throne to her son, Frederik, and declared his wife, Mary, as the new Queen.

The ceremony, steeped in tradition and historical significance, witnessed a symbolic gesture as the queen invited Frederik to assume her seat, exclaiming “God save the King” before exiting the room.

Against the backdrop of Christiansborg Castle, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen officially proclaimed Frederik as the new King of Denmark, evoking cheers from the crowd.

The balcony scene, where King Frederik and Queen Mary shared a kiss, marked the beginning of their reign, with the Danish national anthem resonating through the capital.

Amidst the sea of Danish flags, the presence of Australian flags paid homage to Mary’s homeland.

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