Queen Elizabeth’s new commemorative coin expected to be worth a mint

With the limited mintage, the coins are likely to be highly sought after by collectors. Source: Getty Images.

The Royal Australian Mint has released a new commemorative coin dedicated to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

This coin comes in fine silver proof and uncirculated finishes, featuring the six different images of the Queen that appeared on Australia’s coins during her 70-year reign, celebrating the Queen’s long service and the impact she had on Australian coins and coin collecting.

According to Royal Australian Mint CEO Leigh Gordon, the new release beautifully captures the graceful ageing of one of the most recognisable female figures of our time, symbolised by the six different images of the late Queen that have adorned Australian coins.

“Historically, coins bear witness to a Monarch’s reign with their royal effigies appearing on the obverse. In keeping with that tradition, this exceptional coin showcases the Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Effigy by Jody Clark on the obverse,” Gordon said.

“The Mint’s trademark storytelling is strongly represented on the coin’s reverse, which features a central design depicting the first six effigies, fanned above the Queen’s royal cypher.

Crafted internally by the Mint’s skilled design team, the central image is artfully surrounded by the delicate lily of the valley, a cherished flower of the Queen, and adorned with the golden wattle, symbolising Australia’s national floral emblem.

The 2023 50c Uncirculated Coin will have a limited mintage of 25,000 and retail at $15. The 2023 50c Fine Silver Proof Coin will have a limited mintage of 7,500 and retail at $135.

According to a statement released by the mint, with this limited mintage, the coins are likely to be highly sought after by collectors.

This was echoed by Australian coin expert Joel Kandiah who said marketplaces are already being flooded with sales of the coin at “seven times the RRP”.

“It is essentially the last coin commemorating the Queen,” Kandiah explained to 7NEWS.com.au.

“It is extremely special because it features all six effigies of the Queen that have appeared on Australian coinage since 1954, so it unique in that respect.

“There will definitely be a frenzy, which is why the RAM have reduced the allocation to just one per person through their physical store, through the phone and their authorised distributors.

“There have been murmurings about the coin for a while, so collectors are really excited to see it confirmed and able for purchase.”






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