Quality of aged care homes soars across the nation in remarkable improvement

Dec 21, 2023
These improvements signify a promising shift in the aged care landscape, underlining a collective commitment to uplifting the lives of older Australians. Source: Getty Images.

Australia’s aged care sector is witnessing a remarkable improvement in the quality of care provided to older Australians, as revealed by the latest data from the Aged Care Star Ratings system.

Over the past 12 months, there has been a notable surge in the number of aged care homes achieving top-tier ratings. Currently, an impressive 54 per cent, or 1,329 homes, are now proudly delivering either good or excellent care with 4 and 5-star ratings.

This promising statistic signifies a substantial 15 per cent improvement since December 2022, showcasing a collective dedication to elevating the standards of care.

Equally promising is the significant decrease in the number of homes requiring improvement. Now, a mere 2 per cent, or 54 homes, are receiving 1 and 2-star ratings, a heartening decrease of 152 homes since the same period last year.

This positive shift reflects a sector-wide commitment to addressing challenges and fostering a culture of improvement.

Minister for Aged Care Anika Wells said the introduction of the Aged Care Rating System is “proving valuable” for the aged care sector.

“One year on and Star Ratings data shows that the Albanese Government is delivering its promise to lift the standard of aged care in Australia,” Wells said.

“The biggest improvement reflected in Star Ratings over the past year is the experience of residents. Residents are reporting the quality of care they are receiving is getting better, with 95 per cent of aged care homes now delivering acceptable, good or excellent care.

“Prior to Star Ratings, residential aged care providers didn’t have a way to benchmark and monitor their performance or improvement over time. Now they do and it’s proving valuable for their management teams.”

Another promising aspect of the Aged Care Star Ratings initiative is its provision of previously inaccessible data. This newfound transparency empowers older individuals, along with their families and caregivers, to make informed decisions by comparing services. Simultaneously, it motivates care providers to embrace continuous improvement, fostering an environment that prioritises the well-being and satisfaction of those in their care.

Delving into the specifics, the data from the inaugural year of Star Ratings also reveals a positive trend in the allocation of time by nurses and care workers to older Australians. With a 12 per cent increase, more aged care homes are now achieving acceptable levels of care, translating to improved well-being for the elderly.

These improvements signify a promising shift in the aged care landscape, underlining a collective commitment to uplifting the lives of older Australians.

The strides made in the past year reflect not only a dedication to change but also a proactive effort to ensure the happiness and fulfillment of the country’s older population.

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