Princess Anne’s ‘sentimental’ nod to Queen Elizabeth

May 22, 2024
During a recent royal engagement, Princess Anne offered a "sentimental" tribute to her late mother, Queen Elizabeth. Source: Getty Images.

Since the tragic passing of Queen Elizabeth on September 8, 2022, fellow members of the Royal Family have found moving ways to pay tribute to the beloved Monarch.

From touching social media posts and poignant speeches to Princess Anne’s recent gesture, each tribute holds deep significance.

At the recent Not Forgotten Association annual garden party, Princess Anne wore a gold brooch, a cherished piece she has owned since 1973. The late Queen Elizabeth gifted her the brooch on the day she married her first husband, Captain Mark Phillips.


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Diamond expert, Maxwell Stone identified the piece as “the Princess Royal’s stalactite brooch”.

“It’s a particularly sentimental piece for Anne as she received it from her Mother – the late Queen Elizabeth II – as a wedding gift when she tied the knot with her first husband, Captain Mark Phillips,” Stone told GB News.

“I’d estimate it to be worth £16,000.

“Princess Anne frequently wears the brooch with her Grima Pearl Earrings, which constitute gold, pearl, and diamonds in a modern leaf design.

“Gifted to her by her mother and father in the late 1960s, the earrings are one of Anne’s longest-serving pieces of jewellery and have huge sentimental value.

“The retail price for a pair of earrings like Princess Anne’s would be at the top end of £3,000.”

In addition to her dedication to keeping her mother’s memory alive with subtle tributes, Princess Anne has also recently been commended for her dedication to her royal duties. 

During a recent discussion on GB News about the Princess Royal’s commitment to her role, royal observer Kinsey Schofield sparked debate after suggesting that Princess Anne might warrant a higher royal title.

Schofield and host Mark Dolan pondered whether Princess Anne’s exceptional commitment should be acknowledged with a more prestigious title.

“Do you think she deserves some kind of upgrade? Could she have a new title such as, I don’t know, Deputy Monarch or something?” Dolan asked.

“She absolutely could. But I think what’s so special about her is that she doesn’t like the attention,” Schofield said.

“She wants to stay below the radar and get the job done. And that is a very admirable quality. And it lets you know that her intentions are pure, that she’s there to represent the blessing that she was born into.

“And she wants to elevate those causes that she’s working for. And that’s what she goes to sleep at night worried about the next day, what can I do to make this thing better?”

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