Princess Anne’s breakfast of choice will make your stomach turn

Princess Anne's breakfast of choice would leave most feeling a bit queasy. Source: Getty Images.

Amidst the bustling schedules of the British Royal Family, Princess Anne stands as a beacon of diligence, renowned for her unwavering commitment to her royal duties.

While one might expect her to kickstart her busy day with a hearty full English breakfast, insiders disclose a surprising revelation: the Princess Royal’s morning ritual eschews the traditional fare, favouring instead a simple bowl of overripe fruit.

Speaking previously to TODAY, former royal chef Darren McGrady, who worked for the Royal Family for over ten years, said, “Princess Anne almost always preferred the bananas almost black – over ripe – because they digested easier.”

He then went on to describe how, using traditional royal etiquette, she likes her banana served.

“First, the ends of the banana are cut off. Then the banana peel is sliced down the middle from end to end so the unpeeled fruit can be opened,” he revealed.

“The fruit is sliced into circles and eaten with a fork.”

The Princess is believed to skip lunch but her daughter, Zara Tindall, has in the past mentioned that her mother always carries a snack to keep her going throughout the day and it’s usually a kiwi fruit which is known to be packed with Vitamin C.

For dinner, the royal is believed to enjoy devilled pheasant.

While the Princess simply prefers fruit for breakfast, her mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II was known to enjoy a bowl of cereal to start her day.

And her cereal of choice was none other than Kellogg’s Special K enjoyed with some fruit. 

In a previous interview with The Telegraph , McGrady revealed that, of the hundred different breakfast options she could choose from, the Queen, most days, would enjoy her bowl of Special K.

“For breakfast, the Queen likes cereal – usually Special K – and fruit,” he said.

The chef also divulged that when the Queen did want something more substantial for her first meal, she would opt for scrambled eggs and smoked salmon topped with grated truffle.

McGrady added that because she was frugal, she would only have truffles when she received them as a gift.

He also explained that unlike her husband, Prince Philip, the Queen was not a “foodie” and was instead an “eat to live” sort of person.

And how did she take her tea?

Every morning her Royal Highness would have a tray of Twining’s Earl Grey delivered to her bedroom at 7:30am, every morning.

Taste of Home reported that she would enjoy her first cup with a splash of milk and no sugar.

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