Prince William shoots down suggestions of Prince Harry’s return to the royal fold

Feb 18, 2024
"There is a zero per cent chance Harry is coming back in any capacity.” Source: Getty Images.

Prince William has reportedly shot down any notions of his younger brother, Prince Harry, making a return to the royal life.

Despite Harry’s recent visit to the King, following the Monarch’s cancer diagnosis, and his apparent willingness to reconcile and contribute to The Firm, it appears the doors of forgiveness remain firmly closed.

A source reportedly close to Harry revealed to The Mirror, “Harry is ready and willing to help and genuinely believes it would work well for both parties.”

“In his view, it wouldn’t be dissimilar from what was proposed back in 2020, with a hybrid model of working,” the source added.

“With the King’s illness there is perhaps more of a reason for those options to be considered.”

However, the alleged olive branch extended by Harry seems to have fallen on deaf ears within the royal corridors. William, it has been widely reported, has no interest in reconciling with his estranged brother and has expressed doubts about his trustworthiness.

According to insider information from The Mirror, the Prince of Wales, has made his stance clear during private meetings with his father at Sandringham, where the King is currently recuperating.

“Whatever has been discussed between William and the King is private, but it is absolutely and categorically clear that he (William) would not allow Harry to return. He thought it was a bad idea at the time and he’s even more clear now,” a palace insider told The Mirror.

“If anyone is going to take on more duties it will be William and that isn’t even on the agenda for now. His main focus is on his father’s health, his family and what is best for the monarchy. There is a zero per cent chance Harry is coming back in any capacity.”

Prince William’s firm stance on the matter comes after Harry’s recent interview with Good Morning America in which he addressed King Charles’ recent health woes for the first time publicly.

Speaking with host Will Reeve, the Duke shared that King Charles personally informed him of his illness.

“I love my family and the fact that I was able to get on the plane and go see him and spend any time with him – I’m grateful for that,” Harry revealed

When pressed about the specifics of King Charles’ diagnosis, the Prince maintained a respectful silence, firmly stating, “That stays between me and him.”

In response to the possibility of his father’s illness having a “unifying effect” on the Royal Family, Prince Harry affirmed, “Absolutely, for sure”.

Drawing parallels with the strength observed in the families involved in the Invictus Games, the Duke emphasised, “From all these (Invictus) families I see on a day-to-day basis (I see) the strength of the family unit coming together”.


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