Prince Harry opens up about King Charles’ cancer diagnosis and potential for reconciliation

Feb 17, 2024
Prince Harry has broken his silence regarding his father's cancer diagnosis while hinting at whether reconciliation with the Royal Family is on the table. Source: Getty Images.

Prince Harry has hinted at the chance of reconciliation with the Royal Family in the aftermath of his father’s cancer diagnosis.

Harry made the revelation during an interview with Good Morning America in which he also addressed King Charles’ recent health woes for the first time publicly.

Speaking with host Will Reeve, the Duke shared that King Charles personally informed him of his illness.

“I love my family and the fact that I was able to get on the plane and go see him and spend any time with him – I’m grateful for that,” Harry revealed

When pressed about the specifics of King Charles’ diagnosis, the Prince maintained a respectful silence, firmly stating, “That stays between me and him.”

In response to the possibility of his father’s illness having a “unifying effect” on the Royal Family, Prince Harry affirmed, “Absolutely, for sure”.

Drawing parallels with the strength observed in the families involved in the Invictus Games, the Duke emphasised, “From all these (Invictus) families I see on a day-to-day basis (I see) the strength of the family unit coming together”.

Reconciling with the Royal Family would undoubtedly pose a formidable challenge for Prince Harry, particularly in light of his ongoing criticisms against The Firm.

Harry’s departure from the Royal Family in 2020, commonly referred to as “Megxit”, signaled a major shift in the traditional dynamics of the Monarchy. Alongside Meghan Markle, Harry sought a more independent and private life, distancing himself from the intense media scrutiny that had been a constant presence throughout his life.

The decision was accompanied by revelations in a 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey, where the couple candidly discussed their struggles within the royal institution. The interview shed light on the challenges they faced and strained relationships within the family, sparking widespread public discussion.

Since stepping back, Prince Harry’s ties with the Royal Family have remained strained. While occasional public appearances hint at attempts at reconciliation, the distance remains palpable.

While it may be challenging for Harry to make amends, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams has expressed optimism that recent events and Harry’s visit to King Charles could help mend bridges. 

“Sometimes benefits can come from difficult times and situations we would never wish on anyone,” he told the Daily Mail. 

“The news that King Charles has cancer is a severe shock. It is only natural that Harry should want to be with him. It is also wise that he comes alone as there is a serious rift within the royal family.

“Harry will, despite all the disagreements of past years, naturally want to wish his father a speedy recovery in person.

“Let us hope that from this meeting, at a very difficult time for the royal family with the Princess of Wales recovering from an abdominal surgery, a positive future, which would obviously include Meghan, emerges.

“This might be difficult, as their differences have been so in the public domain, but would benefit everyone involved enormously.

“The main issue for the moment is obviously that of the King’s health, everyone knows how serious cancer can be and will wish this remarkable monarch, who waited longer than any other Prince of Wales to succeed to the throne, a speedy and complete recovery.”


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