Prince Harry remains oblivious to ‘the damage that he’s caused’ the Royal Family

Feb 26, 2024
Does Prince Harry underestimate the impact of his words and actions, or does he truly believe he can effortlessly waltz back into the royal spotlight? Source: Getty Images.

Royal expert Ingrid Seward has voiced concerns about Prince Harry’s apparent lack of awareness regarding the repercussions of his actions on the Royal Family.

Seward, the renowned author and commentator on all things royal, suggested that Harry may be oblivious to the damage he has caused and believes he can easily reintegrate into the royal fold.

In a recent interview with GB News, Seward explained that “Harry should have been more careful really what he said, but he probably does think that he could walk back in, but he certainly couldn’t.”

Seward, who has covered the Royal Family extensively, expressed her reservations about Harry’s return, emphasising the potential negative impact it could have on the institution.

“He is saying that he could help out,” she said.

“Maybe. I mean, it’s almost as though he has literally no understanding of the damage that he’s caused and that he thinks he can just simply offer himself back in at some point.”

Seward’s insights come as fellow royal experts warn it may be some time before Prince William and Prince Harry can mend their fractured relationship.

During a recent appearance on the Royal Report podcast, Newsweek’s Chief Royal Correspondent Jack Royston delved into the complexities of the royal rift, emphasising that Charles and William likely perceive Harry’s previous actions as persistent betrayals spanning several years, especially during moments of family grief, such as the passing of Prince Philip and the Queen.

“Obviously, they’re not going to just completely forget all of that straight away and go from open warfare one minute to innate implicit trust the next,” he explained.

Despite Harry’s recent “olive branch” in the form of a commitment to spend more time in the UK with his father, Royston stressed that genuine reconciliation is a journey that demands time and effort.

“I think this is not a situation that’s going to be healed overnight and is one that is going to require persistence over a long period of time,” Royston said.

“I think he’s going to have to pursue this path of reconciliation, maybe even for years before the family are even willing to entertain the idea of actually trusting him again and opening up and kind of telling secrets and things like that.

“They need to see with their own eyes that the things they tell him do not end up on Netflix or in a book or on a podcast.”

While things may appear slightly more positive for Harry and King Charles following their recent meeting, Royston explained that it will be a gradual process to regain William’s trust, potentially taking years before the wounds of the past are fully healed.

“It’s going to be a long way back to reconciling again,” Royston stated.

Although the path toward reconciliation may be lengthy, it seems that Prince Harry has recently been making some effort to mend ties with his family after years of strained relations.

Upon learning about the concerning state of King Charles’s health, Harry rushed to the United Kingdom to be by his father’s side.

Even though the encounter was described as brief, experts in royal matters have conveyed hope that Harry’s meeting with Charles could result in a favourable improvement in their strained relationship.

In addition to his visit with Charles, Harry hinted at the chance of reconciliation with the Royal Family during a recent interview with Good Morning America in which he also addressed King Charles’ health woes for the first time publicly.

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