Prince Harry and Bon Jovi release ‘haunting’ charity track honouring military

Mar 28, 2020
Prince Harry teamed up with Bon Jovi to release a beautiful song in honour of those who have served in the military. Source: Getty

Prince Harry and singing sensation Jon Bon Jovi have brought tears to the eyes to the many with the release of a “haunting” new song dedicated to those who have served in the military.

For the past few months the pair have been working together on a track to help raise funds for the Invictus Games Foundation, which supports the recovery and rehabilitation of international wounded, injured or sick military personnel.

Back in February they teased fans with a clip of them in a recording studio preparing to belt out the emotional tune, and now it’s finally been released in its entirety in a bid to bring people together in what’s been a challenging start to the year.

The new version of Bon Jovi’s song ‘Unbroken’ was reworked and recorded last month at the Abbey Road Studios in London to include a 12-piece choir including military veterans and current serving personnel. And it’s certainly made its mark with fans claiming it brought tears to their eyes.

“This song is haunting as if the voices of all the veterans who lost their battles with PTSD are trying to reach the living,” @DaynaMorris wrote on YouTube. “It’s making me cry.”

“Brought tears to my eyes! Wonderfully done, thank you to everyone involved. We need this song right now,” @DianaLevinson said. While @ate added: “What a great song, super addition of the choir. Makes the song even more powerful. JBJ forever!”

Susan Warner was one of the many veterans involved in the choir. She had served in Afghanistan in 2009 and was seriously injured during her deployment. Speaking to The Daily Mail about the new song, Warner said it’s especially touching during the current times with the outbreak of coronavirus.

“We hope the single will touch many hearts and be a light during this troubling time for so many people around the world,” the 61-year-old said. “It just feels like it is so important.

“In life you never know what might open up or what’s going to happen. This is a very good example, There we were in Abbey Road Studios and we were singing ‘Unbroken’. Then, a month later, here we are.”

The recording of the beautiful track took place just weeks ago, with Prince Harry even sharing a clip of himself getting ready to sing the tune with Bon Jovi in the studios. While in a another post shared to Harry and Meghan’s Instagram page, they explained the reasoning behind the release of the song.

“The song being played, called ‘Unbroken’, was created by Jon Bon Jovi to shine a spotlight on those veterans living with Post Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI), to honour their service and acknowledge the strength of the armed forces community,” the post read. “The Duke and JBJ are both strong supporters of the military community, with the duke founding the Invictus Games in 2014.”

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