Prince Harry expected to heal rifts with Royal Family during upcoming UK visit

Apr 05, 2024
As the world eagerly awaits Prince Harry's return home, time will tell whether this pivotal visit will mark a turning point for the Royal Family. Source: Getty Images.

As anticipation builds for Prince Harry’s return to the United Kingdom in May, royal watchers are abuzz with speculation about his intentions.

Given recent family rifts and personal challenges, Harry’s intentions reportedly include the mending of fences and returning to the harmonious dynamic he once shared with the Royal Family.

According to insiders speaking to The Mirror, Harry’s top priority upon touching down on British soil will be rekindling the bond with his father, King Charles.

“Harry’s priority when he comes to England is to see his dad. He is pretty focused on this,” the source revealed.

It’s no secret that recent years have seen tensions escalate within the royal household, particularly following Harry and his wife Meghan’s decision to step back from their roles as senior royals.

However, Harry appears determined to set aside any lingering animosity in favour of rebuilding bridges.

“It will be his first port of call when he comes off the plane, to try and spend as much time with King Charles so that they can build bridges and enjoy each other’s company like before,” the insider continued.

Acknowledging the potential awkwardness of the situation, Harry is reportedly prepared to set aside “pride and differences” for the greater good of family harmony.

Harry’s commitment to reconciliation extends beyond his relationship with his father. The Duke of Sussex is said to be making efforts to mend fences with his brother, Prince William, especially given Princess Catherine’s recent health challenges.

“He wants the family to get back to the way they were and is going to be making extra effort with his brother Wills too, as difficult as it may be,” the source added.

“Now, more than ever, with Kate’s cancer diagnosis too, Harry wants them to know he is there for them.”

Harry has already demonstrated a readiness to mend ties with the Royal Family. Following King Charles’ announcement of his cancer diagnosis, Harry promptly returned to the UK to stand by his father’s side.

Subsequently, he candidly discussed his father’s health and the prospect of reconciliation in an interview with Good Morning America.

“I love my family and the fact that I was able to get on the plane and go see him and spend any time with him – I’m grateful for that,” Harry revealed.

In response to the possibility of his father’s illness having a “unifying effect” on the Royal Family, Prince Harry affirmed, “Absolutely, for sure”.

As the world eagerly awaits Prince Harry’s return home, time will tell whether this pivotal visit will mark a turning point for the Royal Family.

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