Prince Harry delivers another blow to the Royal Family with latest move

Apr 19, 2024
The timing of Prince Harry's latest move has raised eyebrows and ignited speculation about whether he was subtly taking a jab at The Firm. Source: AP PHOTO.

In a move that further distances himself from the royal fold, Prince Harry has officially confirmed his status as a resident of the United States.

Four years after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle bid farewell to the Royal Family and stepped down from their royal duties, the Duke of Sussex has solidified his presence on American soil, marking a significant chapter in his ongoing estrangement from the Monarchy.

The declaration came as paperwork filed by Travalyst Ltd, a company predominantly owned by Prince Harry, formally informing British authorities of his relocation to the US.

Since their departure from royal responsibilities, Prince Harry has not shied away from voicing criticisms of the royal institution. Allegations of unconscious racism within the Monarchy, prominently featured in both a Netflix documentary series and the prince’s autobiography, Spare, have further strained his ties with the Royal Family.

The timing of the paperwork filing, however, has raised eyebrows and ignited speculation about whether Harry was subtly taking a jab at The Firm.

By choosing to mark his official US residency with the date he and Meghan were asked to vacate Frogmore Cottage, Prince Harry has ignited accusations of “trolling” directed towards his father, King Charles.

Speaking to GB News, Royal Editor Charlotte Griffiths said the move by the royal was due to him being “bitter” about the decision by his father, to remove him and Meghan from the residence.

“I wouldn’t put it past him to have deliberately put that in there to spite his father,” Griffiths said.

“To me, it feels like he’s trolling his dad a bit, because he could have said that he’s been a US resident since 2020, when he quit the UK and moved to the States, but instead he chose the exact day that his dad kicked him out of Frogmore.

“The reason his dad kicked him out of Frogmore was because he’d slagged off Camilla in Spare. And apparently it was a really difficult decision for Charles because no dad wants to kick their son out of their home. But he went beyond the pale.”

If Harry were to subtly criticising the Royal Family through his recent actions, it would be quite unexpected, especially as he gears up to reconcile with his family upon his impending return to British shores.

Harry will be making a return to the UK in May to mark the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games and royal author Tom Quinn believes that, in light of Catherine’s cancer diagnosis, Harry will make the effort to visit with his estranged brother and sister-in-law.

“Given Kate’s cancer diagnosis, Harry will certainly make efforts to see his brother and Kate when he returns to the UK in May,” Quinn told The Mirror.

“If it happens at all it’s to be a very brief carefully choreographed meeting and organised to last a short time so that the brothers can avoid any difficult conversations.

“At the same time Harry knows how it will look if he comes back to the UK and doesn’t see his brother and Kate. It’s going to be a very awkward time.”

Only time will tell whether Harry’s return to British soil still presents an opportunity to mend fractured ties or if his latest move was a calculated strike against the Royal Family, further exacerbating already strained relations.

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